From Kandi Burruss to the Gosselin Saga: Real Tragedy on Reality TV

If you ask me, reality TV has gotten a little too real these days.  First there's the ongoing reality TV "War of the Roses" that is Jon and Kate Gosselin.  Then, over the weekend, Ashley "AJ" Jewell, ex-fiance of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kandi Burruss was killed in a fight outside an Atlanta strip club....more

Well, they've made enough to purchase a 1.8 million home last year, so that's showing their ...more

The water in Atlanta isn't done rising yet

When I moved to the Atlanta area two and a half years ago, it became a running joke between me and my husband that I'd come south for the weather rather than for him. After spending most of my life in the northeast, Georgia seemed like paradise. No snow! No freezing cold temperatures! ...more

I grew up on an island and miss being near the water and often think how lovely it would be ...more

Why "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Isn't Bad For Black Women

Last season when I found myself watching Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," I was astounded, appalled and I must say shamefully---entertained.  That's right, I kept watching, fascinated, as the image of rich, black women as gold diggers was paraded across my television screen, week after week, and I added it to my list of TV shows that gave black women a bad name. I've since changed my mind. ...more

You know, because sexism is wrong but ageism isn't. 


Yes, that was ...more

Memories of Max Bond, the Real "Master Builder"

Architect J. Max Bond, Jr. who died a few months ago at 73, led a life of intelligence and fortitude in the face of ignorance and resistance, while always doing his best work. ...more

A Shoe Affair

For those who love to splurge on a beautiful shoe, you will enjoy these gold, 4.5" sandals from Jimmy Choo called 'Lance Mirror Leather'. Picture speaks for itself... ...more

Draped Sleeveless Minidress

A must have minidress! BCBG has done it again.  If you need a sexy, vibrant minidress for the season without breaking the bank, this is the dress.  The color is beautiful!  With a pair of wonderful stilettos or flats, you are sure to shine.  If you're not into color and you perfer blending in rather than standing out, this dress also comes in classic black!  You can never go wrong with a classic black mini! Enjoy ladies! ...more

A Woman Helps Police Officer by Using Her Stun Gun on His Attacker

Wow, a woman actually helping the police! She is definitely a hero in our book. Her name is Tanisha Cross and she is from Atlanta, GA. Tanisha, a 20-year-old-mother, had gotten a stun gun from her husband for Christmas last year and she sure put it to good use last Sunday! ...more

The quest for Pupusas - Restaurant Review: Rincon Latino

I first fell in love with the pupusa at the Red Hook Ball Fields in Brooklyn. If you've never had the ...more

The Real Housewives of Atlanta?


With all the money that these women have, why do they not spend it on getting the ghetto hood ...more

The Heat Is On - SMW's Tip For Staying Cool and Healthy!

With the official start of summer here, it's time to give some thought to watching for signs of heatstroke and sunburn. Think you have that topic covered already? Well, think again. Every year millions of us are the victims of heatstroke and sunburn, even though we assume we know the do's and don'ts of fun in the sun. Whether it was a little too much alcohol, or just too nice a day to head for the shade, or a shortage of sunscreen, or forgetting to bring along some bottled water, it's a mistake that most of us make, once, twice or more in our lives. ...more