Shut Up and Cook


anne-marie slaughter reveals that women still can’t have it all. shocker.

Of all my female friends only one is a stay-at-home mom and that’s probably because she has a twin. A significant majority are single (well, those living in New York City anyway) and most are elite school grads too busy kicking ass in their respective careers to play the e-mail forwarding game....more
I read Slaughter's very loooooong article in The Atlantic. I was struck by the fact that she ...more

Caitlin Flanagan Digs Into School-Based Garden Programs

Caitlin Flanagan's venomous attack on school garden programs -- and Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard Program in particular -- in the Atlantic piece Cultivating Failure has been a hot-button topic of discussion all week. However, this cleverly written but poorly researched piece does little to advance the discussion on the value of such programs -- and does much to polarize individuals along political lines in addressing the value of experiential learning opportunities. ...more

Thanks for your reactions on School Gardens.  I agree that these projects can hold a ...more

Is Mom-Blogging Bad For Your Health?

Say the words "Internet" and "health" to anyone and they'll probably think that you want to talk about Dr. Google (sore + boobs + breastfeeding + help). Maybe, if they're really geeks, they'll think that you have something to say about the mental and emotional health benefits of online community, or about how immediate access to medical research online empowers us to better understand our own health. ...more

I am a 20-something, therefore I basically grew up with the internet in the house and its ...more

How Cupcakes Define Us

When asked to choose between cake and a cupcake, for me the little cupcake always wins. Why? ...more

The Case Against Blaming Mothers

The Atlantic recently published an article by journalist Hanna Rosin entitled ‘The Case Against Breastfeeding.”  Full of haphazardly injected studies and themes reminiscent of Jill Lepore’s meticulous ...more