The Tragedy of Living Your Life Facing Backwards


10 Things You Need to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

Before adopting two awesome kids who came into my life through foster care, I had this idea in my mind that the whole ordeal would be kind of like what happened in Annie. We would just be handed a precocious, well-adjusted child that we would rescue from their dire straits through love and perseverance and possibly a few well-timed choreographic musical numbers. The truth is that it’s infinitely more complicated than that, although it is equally thrilling and wonderful—minus the giant mansion and, sadly, Punjab. We could all use a little Punjab in our lives. ...more
I was in foster care myself and now i am a foster parent myself. What a wonderful experience it ...more

Fostering Familes

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmI have another essay published!Fostering Families Todaysaw fit to print a piece I wrote called "The Attachment Tree". If that sounds familiar, you might have seen it when I posted it on my old blog....more
Great to connect ... I love this share about becoming a Foster Parent.more

Hold That Baby Close - Even If She's in Middle School!

Research shows that babies sleep best on the chest of their mommy. The sounds (heartbeat, breath, etc.), warmth, feel and scent of Mommy helps them feel safe....more

Adoption Tuesday - Attachment.5

Anne KimballBringing Borya Home ...more

Adoption Tuesday - Attachment.2

Anne KimballBringing Borya Home...more

Adoption Tuesday - Attachment

Anne KimballBringing Borya Home...more


Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Argh. Attachment. Urgh.Why oh why oh why does it have to be so hard?Progress, progress, progress, progress......And then some steps back.Little steps.Big steps.GIANT STEPS.(Pep talk in my head pep talk in my head pep talk in my head)Argh....more

Hanging On For Dear Life

After we'd cleared out all that old crap at our garage sale last weekend (which I'll write about once I've recovered), I was hoping that some new energy (money, say, or large gifts) would flow our way. What I got instead was another fight! Or The Same Old Fight! The details of which I will post when we’re dead and gone and all identifying details have been changed. For now, just let me say that maybe all that clutter was serving a purpose after all. By spending all that time focusing on all our clutter, apparently we didn't have to deal with some of the stuff going on beneath it. ...more

Are You an Attuned Adoptive Parent?

When a baby cries, an attuned parent or caregiver recognizes this as a communication of an unmet need and subsequently tries to a) decipher the communication, and b) meet the need. Repetitions of this cycle facilitates attachment between the child and their caregiver....more