Dear Baby (Wherever You Are)

Dear baby, Over the years, your face has changed—not just from the sweet rounded cheeks of a newborn to the angular face of a seven-year-old, but from face to face, of all the babies I have been privileged to know and hold. Your eyes have been blue, brown, green, grey. Your skin tone has ranged from dark to light. And the hair that I’ve buried my nose in while I rock you back and forth after bad dreams has changed from curly and soft to wiry to finest spun cornsilk. ...more

A Reason for Tears

There's been a lot of crying in our house this week. There were happy moments too...but definitely a lot of crying. I hate it when my daughter cries. It makes me physically uncomfortable. It makes me want to crawl out of my skin. It pains me to see tears running down her cheeks.Fortunately, weeks like this last one are generally few and far between. Typically, she's a very happy child. I think that makes it doubly hard for me to cope when she's unhappy. ...more

Love Is Not a Pie

When I tell people that I have developed a good relationship with my daughter’s biological mother and am feeling very positive about the efforts my husband and I have been making to include her more in our lives as an extended family member, they almost always respond with some version of the following: “Wow, that’s great! But aren’t you afraid …” This is followed by the expression of various concerns that naturally arise....more

Your story reminds me of the ideal romcom, the kind of movie that sweetly portrays ideal lives ...more

It Takes a Village


An Unimaginable Decision

Can loving your child ever mean letting him go? ...more

I love your last point: It is so easy to compare stories such as Tedaldi’s with our own ...more

Frustrated Mom Seeking Advice

I'm hoping that some of you adoptive moms out there can help me out. We adopted 2 children in February.  They are 9 and 6 years old.  The oldest one, M, is a girl.  ...more