How to deal with difficult children

That's an interesting piece, with what looks to me like massive improvement in the way difficult kids are handled in school. But (in my unscientifically trained opinion), it misses a great big old point. That very often, difficult children act out because they feel alone, unloved, and misunderstood....more

Broke your parenting rules? Self care means self forgiveness

I write a lot about parenting. I write as a parent, I write for parents, I write about how I parent. I talk about parenting a lot too. And when I talk and share and write, people talk and share and write back. One thing that struck me about the way people are responding to my messages is, they seem to think that my “rules” are absolute, that there is no “wiggle room” in my parenting methods....more

Skipping tummy time worked for us

Disclaimer: I am a mother, not a medical doctor, and the following is only an account of what my family chose. This article is not intended to be advice on what you should do, only sharing our story.I like to think that Miriam was the perfect baby. She only cried when she had a need that wasn’t getting met, she slept beautifully, she was happy, playful and loved when Grandma held her. Tummy time however, was one thing she would not tolerate....more

No, You Really Can't Give My Kid Sugar

Dear well-meaning, loving, kind people who offer my daughter sweets, I would love to give my daughter cake just as much as you would. I would love to give her cheesecake on my birthday. I would love to give her more than one tiny bite of one little Swedish fish for Valentine’s Day. I want to say yes to her, and I want to say yes to you when you offer to give her a bite of your delicious pastry....more
NutritionistKitch I agree. Most things that are bad for you, like sugar, caffeine, greasy food, ...more

Too Much Research? Giving My Heart A Chance

My toddler screams. Loudly. It’s a new trick, and something I definitely want to discourage. I pondered over it briefly and then sat down and got to work reading my go-to experts; Nurshable, Janet Lansbury, Dr....more
DoTryThisAtHome I think white would've been really beautiful there too, I do love that look :) ...more

The "P" in AP is for "Parent," not "Provider"

Childcare providers across the country are being confronted with a new group of parents. They are referred to as AP, which is short for Attachment Parenting. The AP style of child rearing was introduced about 15 years ago by a man named Dr. Sears, and has exploded in popularity in the last 8 or 9 years....more

Do Babies Have to Learn to Self-Soothe?

Do Babies Have to Learn to Self-Soothe?Has anyone ever said to you, "Stop picking that baby up, you're going to spoil him/her..."?In Western societies, the U.S. in particular, we have a bizarre obsession with children being made independent as quickly as possible....more

I'm in love, but not that kind

Summer crashes in waves around us, cool mornings rising into bone-baking heat, quiet nights shaking into riotous days, weeks of unstructured play and family camping shifting into time-demarked camps and faux school.And I am in love with the season....more