Parenting Community Mourns Loss of Dr. Stanley Greenspan, Father of "Floor Time"

When you get down on the floor and play with a child, you'll be instantly introducing yourself to the work of the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan. He's the guy who introduced "floor time" into the parenting community. He researched the importance of play and, more specifically, the effect on children when they are able to play on the floor engaged with their parent or caregiver. ...more

Too Soon to Be Left Alone?

I make really stupid decisions sometimes. The problem with me (or perhaps an amazing attribute) is that I'm great at justification, rationalization and twisting an idea just so to fit what I need. ...more

I read about it so much, how we need to let our kids be... but it's not so simple. My kids are ...more

The value of family dinners and giving our children presence

What if there was one thing you could do to lessen the likelihood that your child would get involved with smoking, drinking or doing drugs; lessen his/her chance of developing obesity; and help him/her do better in school? What if that thing was as simple as having regular family dinners together? ...more

I have fond memories of my 2 brothers and I sitting around the table as close to nightly as ...more

Attachment parenting works for us & announcements from API

As many of you know, I'm a big advocate of attachment parenting. I've seen the benefits of raising my children according to AP principles such as breastfeeding (feeding with love), baby wearing, responsive nighttime parenting, gentle discipline, etc. My husband Jody and I didn't start out the road to parenting set on AP, it just kind of happened. ...more