Growing Up and Growing Down

While the baby is driving us all insane with her FULLSPEEDDEVELOPING, the other children are still making quieter, if equally spectacular, transitions: Alfie with the grown up and Esme more with the grown down. ...more

How the Baby Got Sold

I would like to tell you a little story.Once there was a baby. She was a snugly little baby who loved to be carried, cuddle up to her parents at night and who enjoyed a hearty feed any time she was hungry.In return her parents and siblings loved her very dearly and were careful to give her all the snuggles and milk she could desire.Every day she would smile and blow raspberries and gurgle at the wonderful world around her. She was so cute that her family would smile and blow raspberries in reply, so in love they were....more

Apologies. For Realz.

Years ago, I worked for a big software company. I was part of a department that provided a service to our office’s 900+ employees. I talked to many, many employees regularly....more

I Am Still, Here

I Am Still, HereNovember 8, 2013 by Zoie at TouchstoneZ...more

Reclaiming our intuition as parents

Why I Needed a Parenting Conference and What I LearnedBy Caitlin Welles  I had forgotten how to parent. So I went to a parenting conference at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY to relearn how. ...more

Hold Them Close: Advice on Baby-Wearing

As a baby-wearing mom of four, I loved reading Lili Kalish Gersch expert opinion on the subject. She hits the nail on the head with all of her great advice, tips, and recommendations. Baby-wearing can be a daunting experience with all of the different options and price tags. Today, the industry is booming, and information is easily available when you are ready to chose a carrier. ...more
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Babies Communicate! The Importance of the "Stop Hand"

Sweet baby Captain telling me very clearly that I was being too loud....more

Babies Communicate! The Importance of the "Stop Hand"

Sweet baby Captain telling me very clearly that I was being too loud....more

Confessions of an Accidental Co-Sleeper

It was a Wednesday morning, and to the casual observer I was probably just me, standing in the corner of the lunch room at work, staring blankly out the window at the sunlight twinkling on the water. But in actuality, I was manifesting a miracle....more

When Mommy Isn't a Good Listener

I was an epic failure of a mother today. And my kid was a pain in the butt. “Max, I need you to be a good listener in the bookstore. You can play in the playhouse, or at the train table. If you start to run around the store, that tells me you’re ready to leave.” I ended up grabbing him by the arm, somewhere between the monkey books and the robot toys. He was running through the maze of aisles. He wouldn’t walk to the bathroom. He wanted to wash his hands before and after he went potty, but he wanted to cover the faucet with his palm so that the water sprayed everywhere....more
@Laine Griffin Yes, such a tough challenge to slow down and look at our OWN behavior.  But it's ...more