Toddler Moms Debunk Extended Breastfeeding Myths

Myth: Breastfeeding will ruin your boobs! Truth: Your breasts will inflate through your pregnancy and engorgement when your milk comes whether your nurse your babies or not! Vanity has been known to get the best of me. I’ll admit it. If you fall in to the camp of women that occasionally puts a little too much focus on the outside instead of the inside, you’ll be glad to know that breastfeeding your kids is not responsible for your boobs going South! ...more
Could not love this more!! I nursed my 1st child until 18 months and I am hoping to go longer ...more

I Make My Kids Clean; Can I Still Call Myself an Attachment Parent?

I make my kids clean up the house, as much as one can make three fiercely independent, free-thinking children do anything. And here's why: 1. They live here. 2. They make 98.7% of the messes. 3. They live here. 4. Every member of our house functions better when it is clean. 5. They live here. 6. I am not their servant. 7. They live here rent free. Go ahead -- flame me! Kick me out of attachment parenting....more
My kids clean with me. I thought attachment parenting was about giving your kids tools to deal ...more

When Breast Isn’t Best

By now you have seen the—gasp—cover of Time magazine and read all the blog posts and watched all the talk shows. And so have I. But, I confess, it has taken me awhile to figure out what I really wanted to write (in 500 words or less) about all of this attachment/extreme parenting crap. As I sit here, I realize that I have experienced a wide range of emotions on the subject over the past couple of weeks—musings that are best dissected into three concise Acts....more
Thank you for writing this. I think that breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, but there is way ...more

I Spy...A Bad Mom


We're All Mom Enough

A week ago, my friend and business partner Dionna of Code Name: Mama called me up excitedly and said TIME Magazine was looking for attachment parenting families who wanted to participate in a photo shoot in New York City. I ended up being passed over as a candidate, but she was chosen as one of the models for tandem breastfeeding a baby and an older nursling (the glowing #3 in the slideshow). To the right is a candid her husband snapped during the shoot. ...more
 @hobomama The women in the Time piece, as pointed out here, are hardly Rubenesque, either. Silly.more

How Attached Must We Be?

I suppose I am getting old. As are my friends, because we read about all these new-fangled ways to raise children and we become confused. Back in our day, we had one authority, his name was Dr. Spock (nothing to do with Startrek) and we either looked to his book for guidance or we called our mothers. Now, a new mom and dad have to wade through thousands of theories, blogs, books and websites to decide their parenting method. What's a new parent to do?Well, here's some input from one Yankee farmwife, who isn't afraid to admit she has no clue but she certainly has an opinion....more

Why I'm Not Going to Read the TIME Cover Article

You know the one I mean--the one with a picture of a woman breastfeeding a three year old on the cover with the caption "Are You MOM Enough?"  The article/magazine cover first came to my attention last Friday. We were at my in-law's house while our power was out from the storm and a news program came on TV. The broadcaster started talking about the mom on the cover* and (cue the horror movie music) how "she even nursed her two children at the same time!"  ...more

AP Moms Don't Think We're Better Than You: We Just Want Our Kids To Be

There's a lie going around the internet.It's that mothers can be pigeonholed into divisive categories and it's perpetuated and exacerbated by misinformation and media everyday. For Mother's Day this year,  I don't want candy, cards and flowers, dammit. (No offense, Babe.) I want EQUALITY OF MOTHERHOOD. I want it to be okay for moms to parent how they see fit. Is that so crazy?...more