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Saying breastfeeding has an anti-feminism slant baffles me.  One time a “doctor” told me, “There is too much pressure on women today to breastfeed.”  He continued on by telling me, “Letting him breastfeed too long teaches him to take advantage of women.” I was shocked and appalled by his arrogance and ignorance but continued the discussion and asked if he was aware the World Health Orginzation recommends breastfeeding beyond 2 years.  He asked me if I was there for his opinion or my own.  I stared at him as he stood there arrogantly in his scrubs and Marc Echo shoes.&n...more

Are You Mom Enough?

By now you have probably heard about or viewed the latest cover of Time magazine with the bold tagline "Are You Mom Enough" which not only presents an article on attachment parenting but has lit a supposed fire within the "mommy wars."Why is this cover story news? I have a few ideas....more

Are You Mom Enough? Really?

I agree with this post.  Each family should do what is best for themselves, but to insinuate ...more

On Breastfeeding and Time Magazine

As always, there is another Breastfeeding debate/controversy going around in the news this week. Time Magazine has published a cover of a mother sanding up, breastfeeding her almost 4-year-old son. And if that image in your head isn’t shocking enough for you, her son is standing on a stool so he can reach....more

Forget the Boobtroversy: Why Does TIME Think Dads Can't Practice Attachment Parenting?

If you have been on the internet in the last twenty-four hours I’m sure you’ve seen this cover of Time magazine and heard some rumblings over it. The headline asks “Are you mom enough?” and the snippet below indicates that “attachment parenting drives some mothers to extremes.” There are two terms in that small snippet that I would like to point out to you: “parenting” and “mother.” In the same article I counted the word “parent” or “parenting” eight times, the word “mother” two times and the word “father” never even came up. Where have all the fathers gone?...more
 @JennaHatfield I found some spoof Are You Dad Enough? covers. And then made some of my own. :-D ...more

TIME's Breastfeeding Cover: An Extended Breastfeeder's Response

 When I caught wind today that TIME magazine had an article about attachment parenting and a breastfeeding mother on the cover, I thought, "Hey, cool. Good for TIME." ...more
I think the cover is awesome and empowering. Makes a point about moms doing what they gotta do. ...more

better than "just fine"

better than just fine ...more

no cry naps 4-6 month

well, my floors are clean | creative no cry sleep solution A “shhh” is very powerful with a baby.  Shhhhing initiates a reflex in babies that causes them to relax.  One day when Levi was about 3 weeks old, he was hungry and a little angry about it.  So, it takes calming him down first to get him to eat.  I was shhhing and eventually got light headed.  Then my husband shhhed very loudly and Levi instantly relaxed and ate.  This happened a few tim...more

sometimes breastfeeding bites

The first time Levi bit me was during my initial milk supply drop about two months ago.  After drinking some raw milk the five days of uncontrollable vomiting that followed threw everything out of whack.  It was on my left breast and it happened right as he latched on, it hurt but I had read it could “damage” the breastfeeding relationship to scream (looking back it was bad advise and I scream now), so I gritted my teeth.  He broke the skin.  It took about 3 days of delaying feeding on that side as long as possible and going shirtless, but it eventually healed....more