“Cut the cord, mom!” And Yet My Heartstrings Are Still Attached

“Cut the cord, mom!” and “Don’t worry, mom…” and “This is my problem now.” I can cut the cord, I can accept it is no longer my problem, but I still feel. So don’t tell me not to worry, because I will and I do. I can turn a blind-eye when necessary, I can even keep my big mouth shut, once-in-a-while, but my heartstrings are still attached. Them I cannot sever. They are attached and twisted into forever knots, with no undoing....more

Our home's door swings both ways, like a saloon door. Lol! My kids have come back home, ...more

The Key to Her Little Heart

LeLe celebrated her 10th birthday in November.  She had been home with us for six months and had been talking about her birthday celebration for about five and a half mo...more

The road to LeLe: A true story of the older child adoption process

I have wanted to be a mother my entire life. As soon as I could write, I started making lists of possible names for my future children. Strangely, the names I picked 25 years ago, like Hannah, Emily and Sophia, have become extremely popular in recent years! I desperately wanted a girl, but would throw in a few boys names (Mason was a favorite) "just in case". When I was 20, I fell madly in love with my very own Mr. Wonderful. He was a few years older than me, handsome, funny, smart, kind, very responsible and settled. Our romance was on high speed....more

I am an adoptive mother - why?

I have always wanted to dig deep within to understand why I wanted to be an adoptive mother rather than a biological one. It was an instinct so overpowering that at the time I never thought to wonder why. It is an instinct that had been with me since I was in my early teens. I never could think of myself as a biological mother. I have a vague idea that maybe my early years took away any attachment to and dependence on the idea of sanctity and safety in the ties of a genetically linked family....more

Like Water For Chocolate And Semen For Depression

I tightened my legs around him. The sky was darkening outside the window, and everything was different. The room was cast in shadows now, and everything was still. “Where do you want me to cum?” “Inside me,” I whispered. He increased his pace, and when he came, I drowned in the rush of heat that seared my galleries like I'd opened the door into a burning building. Exhilarating, intense. Amazing. I can't get enough of him. ADDICTED TO CUM ...more

Not so fast on calling the study rubbish. You seem to conclude that the ladies might have ...more

When the Best Place for Children Is Not With Their Mother

I can't stop thinking about the story of Anita Tedaldi, who, after eighteen months of mothering an adopted special needs son, decided that the best place for her son was with another family. Anita's story hits me in two of my tenderest spots -- as the mother of a son with special needs, and as a birth mother who placed her first son in his adoptive parents' hands almost twenty years ago. ...more

Well written. I is so difficult because unless we are in her shoes we don't know exactly what ...more

An Unimaginable Decision

Can loving your child ever mean letting him go? ...more

I love your last point: It is so easy to compare stories such as Tedaldi’s with our own ...more

Relationships:3 Levels of Attachment

Dating and Relationships: 3 Stages of Attachment When you are attracted to someone and spend time together, there are 3 Stages of Attachment (SOA): 1. Just Dating. 2. In a Relationship; and 3. Having a Partnership. Understanding your stage of attachment to another is critical. Does your stage match his/ hers? Mismatches of attachment usually create difficulties in most areas. Those areas could be communication, compromise, making plans, frequency of contact, affection, sex, loyalty, and, of course, the ”C-word”--- commitment. ...more