Because Life Was On The List

My daughter had her prom this year which was pretty great to be a part of, even though she might be the most ungrateful person on Earth. I tried to just enjoy myself around her demands, and attitude, and words, and to see through it. She was anxious, and excited, and I knew none of it was personal....more
@interruptedmom I'm so glad! <3more

Fourteen to Life

Fourteen years ago today I tried to end my life. I failed. Miserably. Embarrassingly. Stupidly. One might argue that I didn’t really try. Perhaps a better statement would be that I wanted to end my life. That is true. I wanted the pain to end. There is still a scar on my left wrist - a simple clean line of flesh that marks the spot. And perhaps in me there is a scar - or an opening - because that is the day that things really began, though I didn’t know it then. A single line - a tiny crack - a wound. ...more

The pandemic of suicide

My husband committed suicide almost a year ago.  This past weekend I met a new friend whose nephew did the same.  At the beginning of the week I had dinner with a neighbour who told me of her two friends who had taken their lives in the past two months.  Yesterday, I received an email from another friend who had just learned of a colleague's attempted suicide.  Suicide, and attempted suicide seems to be happening all around me.  I am reminded how important it is to continue to b...more