Another reason why my son isn't listening to me

My son and I have a deal to help him get through his school morning routine: If my little bear completes his tasks early (dressed, teeth and hair brushed) then he is allowed to play on his iPad. This gives me enough time to make his lunch and do my hair and make-up....more

It's taken me three tries to write this post on distractions

At work, it is the constant ping from the office communication program, the new email message appearing in the right-hand corner of the screen and the random pop-ins into my cube as I try to write an email or work on a project. At home, it is the faraway comments from family members in another room, the ever-growing list of stuff to do I keep in my head and all the open tabs in my browser window....more

Looking at a grassy rooftop boosts concentration

If you're having trouble with your productivity levels, you may want to relocate to an office with a view of a grassy rooftop.It sounds bizarre, but a new study has found that glancing at a rooftop covered in grass for just 40 SECONDS "markedly" boosts concentration.The team of researchers at the University of Melbourne in Australia (which, I presume, has many more grassy rooftops than we do in the U.S.!) did the study to see if their theory of "attention restoration through microbreaks lasting under a minute" can boost concentration....more


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Do you struggle with procrastination? Take this test

This is a great piece about Caroline, a woman who struggled with serious procrastination and starting projects only to not finish them. A friend called her "butterfly brain" and her brother would call unfinished projects "a Caroline job."So she contacted the Boston Attention and Learning Lab and they brought her in for brain training. In this case, it wasn't one-on-one cognitive skills training, but rather "zapping" her head with an electromagnet for 8 minutes and some online brain training....more

"Foolproof" indicator for ADHD diagnosis

This could be a major breakthrough in definitively diagnosing ADHD. Right now it is often misdiagnosed and there are no reliable physiological biomarkers for doctors to use. Doctors have to get information from the patient and family and research medial and social history and evaluate symptomsBut this new research from Tel Aviv University found that involuntary eye movements accurately reflect if the person has ADHD. Those same eye movements (or lack thereof after treatment) accurately reflect that stimulant medications are working....more

Making Change By Being Attentive ...more
@victorias_view You are so right yet I go kicking and screaming all the way. So much for grace!more

It's Resurrect Romance Week

Valentine's Day, while full of good intention, was created by companies who stood to gain a lot from people who purchased their products to show one another their love. Relationships author Michael Webb worried that the emphasis had a tendency to be placed on things as opposed to the relationships themselves, and on 1995, he decided to begin campaigning for a seven-day celebration six months after Valentine’s that shifted the focus back to where it should be: the people in the relationship. Welcome to Resurrect Romance Week. ...more
Love this. I have been saying the same thing about V-Day for years- that I use it as a ...more

Symptoms of adult ADHD

CNN has an interesting article about adult ADHD here:,,20490145,00.html?hpt=he_bn6Did you know 4% of adults have ADHD? And that's just the people who have been diagnosed! Here are some interesting (but sad) stats about adults with ADHD:• lower income• higher rates of accidents• higher rate of unplanned pregnancies• higher rate of substance abuse Here are some of the most common symptoms/associations of ADHD in adults:• restlessness...more

Pre-school age kids who are short on sleep are more likely to have ADHD symptoms

About a year ago I took my 4-year-old daughter in for her pre-kindergarten physical. When I asked the doctor how much sleep she should be getting each night he said, "I dunno. I guess about the same as adults." (Needless to say, he is no longer our doctor.) I was concerned that my daughter wasn't getting enough sleep and that it was possibly causing issues with hyperactivity and impulsivity. As of yet, none of our doctors have suggested a link....more