The Most Powerful Skill for College: Paying Attention to Detail

By Nichole Ahlstrom, COLL100 Faculty at American Public UniversityPaying attention to detail is a fundamental skill needed to be successful as a college student. Most students believe that paying attention to detail only pertains to assignments, but it applies much more broadly than that....more

Mrs. Micah and the Details of Doom...

Back in August, I posted that the phone at my work was making me feel very much like a baby. I got a handle on it, and on Friday my boss said that I was doing very well with it. She emphasized that I have to pay more attention to detail. ...more

Don't beat yourself up too much for this. Everyone misses things once in awhile. And that ...more

Update on Mrs. Micah's business situation

First, a quick note on writing. I sent out a query letter for an article I'd written. My first one! So we'll see where it goes from here. ...more

Sounds like a pretty ok meeting about your performance and future.

Now about that alarm ...more