5 Things you can do to improve your F.O.C.U.S.

Sam Horn has a very interesting piece that offers five tips on how to better concentrate (at work, school, a long meeting or to finish a project). They are:...more

21.8% increase in ADHD diagnoses in American kids in just 4 years

A closer review shows this study isn't saying the LAST four years, but rather from 2003 to 2007. That actually makes me worried, because I fear the 2007 to 2011 results will be even worse. And why not? After all, kids eat more sugar, food dye and processed foods than ever before, play more video games, watch more TV and play outside less. Not to mention, we're all often skeptical of trying new approaches to ADHD (and other things) because we've been burned by snake oil salesmen in the past and don't want to part with our money unless we're going to see results....more

ADHD: Helping your child bracket distracting thoughts

This was an interesting column by Dr. Kari Miller, who hosts Special Kid School Talk onhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/specialkidschooltalk....more

Manganese in kids' drinking water lowers IQ

If you don't have enough to worry about when it comes to your kids, you can now add manganese to your list. Although the trace mineral is necessary for all living things, it can cause brain damage in high amounts. In this particular study, when all other factors were ruled out, kids drinking tap water with the highest concentrations of manganese had an IQ that measured SIX POINTS below children with little or no manganese in their water. And the scientists found that manganese from drinking water is metabolized differently than from food....more

The Business of Aging Brains: Where should boomers spend their money?

Aging is tough business. But doing business with the aging market is isn’t....more

Does back to school mean back to meds for kids with ADHD?

(Sept. is National ADHD Awareness Month. The following is a good article - used with permission from LearningRx):As 56 million American kids prepare to flood back to school, for many parents it’s time to focus on the tough question, “What will we do about his ADHD this year?”Three to five percent of our children suffer from ADHD according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Many of them take a “holiday” from the symptom-controlling drugs over the summer, so now it’s time for parents to revisit the dilemma: “To medicate or not to medicate?”...more

Western (American) diet linked to ADHD

If you're sick of hearing about this type of dietary link to ADHD, it's likely because you're still wondering who would feed their kids this stuff on a regular basis. This new study from Perth's Telethon Institute for Child Health Research shows a link between ADHD and what they refer to as "the Western pattern of foods." This includes things like takeout/drive-through foods, processed and refined foods, and anything fried or high in sugar. Obviously, those foods are likely to be higher in fat and sodium....more

Great personal story about brain training and TBI

I got this as a Google alert yesterday.The man in the story, John Keller (33), was in a horrible motorcycle accident. He wasn't wearing a helmet or any protective gear and when the car hit him, he was thrown across FIVE LANES of traffic. He flew 150 feet in the air.Needless to say, the though John was going to die. He was in a coma for 70 days and had 14 surgeries.Today he is making great gains with brain training at LearningRx in San Antonio....more

84% of kids diagnosed with ADHD take a RX

 Yikes! This number really jumped out at me when I read the article on WebMD:...more