College?! Already?!

Yesterday, was our first College Fair. #1 was excited about going, and got a lot of good information. #2, reluctantly,went with us, though it was only in hopes of getting some food, because she clearly didn't want to be there, and made no effort to hide her feelings about it. The phrase of the day: "This is dumb, I'm hungry, can we go now?"   ...more


Clicking now to see how you blew out that spark... ;-)

~Denise ...more


I feel good... DaNaNaNaNaNaNa. It's day 2 of my fitness goal, and I am not only on track, but also enjoying it. Don't get me wrong - I'm not jumping out of bed with a spring in my step or anything. To the contrary, I lay in bed for 30 minutes talking myself into it and then drag myself downstairs at a sloth's pace. But after the second or third yoga pose, my eyes are finally open, and I'm proud of myself for making a good choice. ...more

Supporting the Self Esteem of Others

    Recently, I was sitting with a friend and telling her all about a job interview I had just had. I was talking about how well it went and how much I enjoy the people, and when she asks, "So, do you think you got the job?" I replied with, "Sure I do. I get every job I've interviewed for over the past 10 years." ...more

Very good call. A lot of the time humor can save a situation. In the end I don't want my ...more


It's raining today. That is not unusual. I like this kind of rain. You barely notice it. In fact, I didn't even know it was raining until I saw drops hit my kitchen window. I can't see the rain fall unless I'm looking at an angle. There are no puddles on our slab, and it's not dripping from our malfunctioning drain. So, while it has been raining for quite a while now, I'm sure that we haven't received much.It's not even very dark outside. The clouds are letting enough light in that I don't need to turn on the lights inside - just open the blinds....more

"This is it."

"Blue Heron Taking in the Sun" by Teresa Cornelio (c) 2009&n...more

The Worst Parenting Day Ever?

Leo and I had the worst day ever. Leo and I had the best day ever! Why does Leo always wake up so early? His sisters sleep until we shriek at them to get up, like self-respecting children should. I'm so irritated that he's sometimes wet in the mornings. He's never going to be fully self-sufficient. ...more

No one's ever going to say it isn't hard, this parenting that we do (special needs or ...more

Who's in Charge of the Thermostat?


I say it most often to my 19 year old but I'll probably be saying it to some of these other kids ...more

10 Short and Sweet Reasons To Exercise

Exercise to give yourself the gift of wellness . Here are 10 plain and simple reasons to exercise consistently- 1. Positive Self Awareness 2. Positive Self Reliance 3. Positive Self Respect 4. Calm 5. Balance 6. Health Benefits 7. Endorphins 8. Mastery 9. Accomplishment 10. Attitude from my home blog at: ...more

Answer Your Attitude

Each day is a chance to start over.  To make a fresh beginning.  To act.  View yourself as passive and watch the day go by, a bystander.  View yourself as active and make the most of the day, a connector.   from my home blog at: ...more


"A generous spirit is contagious." - Paul Newman ...more