In a recession, attitude is everything

The recession is hardly news, now; we all know we're in one, we're all experiencing its effects to some degree. Unemployment is up, stocks are down, and for the most part, people just don't seem all that sunny. ...more

As long as I don't watch the news, I'm fine. When I'm tempted to watch, I immediately get ...more

Change your Mind-Set…

What an amazing journey we can choose to be on and yet so many are choosing to give up, end the journey. ...more

New Midlife

The stereotype of midlife sometimes is as a crazy, mixed-up, messed up, traumatic time in life. Think of the man who has been married for 21 years that suddenly ends his marriage to start a relationship with a much younger woman Or buys a Harley when he hasn't been on a bike in years and has never ridden a motorcyle Or think of the whacked out lady who cries at the drop of a hat Or the lady who lives alone in an apartment with 100 cats. A time of crisis. ...more

Creating Positive Focus

Just what does Creating Positive Focus mean? ...more

A Light Shining Bright

I remember the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer like it was yesterday. Time stood still. It was that kind of silence where you wonder if the world has suspended spinning. When told by my doctor, I did not ask to have it repeated. I did not want to hear that word again stated associated with me, my name, my body. Any time was too soon to hear it again! ...more

A Crisis of Confidence

     As I picked up the newspaper off the driveway today, I saw the headline, A SINKING FEELING and a picture of a man with his head in his hands. Funny, I felt really happy up until seeing that. ...more

Keep a positive mental attitude, and never let them see you down

Remember that success and power are really nothing more than directed energy. As soon as you give mental recognition to self-doubt, that’s when the cookie crumbles. Stay positive! Make a list of the characteristics that people admire the most about you. If this seems awkward initially, ask a real friend or family member to help. After reviewing the list, are you happy with what you see? Do you need to tweak your attitude—just a bit? ...more

The Shifting

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) ...more

How to Develop & Maintain a Positive Attitude when Chronically Ill

When you are chronically ill, it can be very difficult to have a positive attitude. When you are sick the last thing on your mind is being happy. But in order to cope and to get through life with a chronic illness, you need to develop a healthy emotional mindset. There are usually five stages that chronically ill people go through: denial and fear, anger, bargaining, depression. You can read the rest of the article by clicking on the link below: ...more

Are You Using Your Skills?

As I am writing to you each day, about living a healthy and balanced life, you have received vital information on who to transform yourself into who you want to become. The news, all media, television, blogs and books are filled with information an how to improve your well-being. What I am wondering about is, with all that knowledge you are aquiring, why do some of my readers and readers of other health related blogs, embrace this knowledge, to make major changes, while others store this information without implementing it into their lifes? for more: ...more