Another Take on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Who Knew dousing someone with a bucket of ice water could net so much attention. Not to mention money. ...more

Testing is Not Trusting

Mike Robbins...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” What Do You Really Want From Life? 5-25-12

Having to deal with personal negativity and letting go of attitudes that no longer serve you.Look to your inner self for your answers.Reflect on what traps you from your most heartfelt desires and the inspiration to increase your life.Opposing Energies: Anger, arguments, pessimism, worry, fears, doubts, habitual negativity.Let go of attachments and negative patterns of the past by elevating your thinking and having an open heart and flexible mind....more

Red, Rose, or Rude?

I was sitting in the manicure chair, when the twentyish girl entered the nail salon. The owner, who normally works the front desk, was in the other room. So, the manicurist who was polishing my nails greeted the girl, and asked what she needed.  Barely glancing her way, and taping her foot, she replied, “a manicure and a pedicure.”  “OK. Have seat for few minute until someone finished,” the manicurist replied, in broken English. “Wait?” the girl accused. “What do you mean wait?...more

Are you a N.I.M.B.Y?

What exactly does N.I.M.B.Y mean? For those of you who don’t know, it stands for Not In My Back Yard and now that you know what the acronym stands for, maybe you should be asking what exactly it is that N.I.M.B.Y’s will stand up for. When it comes to the homeless, N.I.M.B.Y attitudes are nothing new and are expected. Maybe you’re a  N.I.M.B.Y and don’t know it yet or maybe you do and keep that part of yourself locked in the closet. Either way, here’s some signs that you might be a N.I.M.B.Y : 1....more

Striking a Balance: Tips for Effective Decision Making

The Decision Ironically, as I sit here now, writing about decision making, I'm in the crux of making a decis...more

How We Have Yet to Change

It may be 2010, but in one very big way we're still locked in the past. It took Gail Collin's book, When Everything Changed, to make me see how we have yet to change....more

Glee-ful About Special Needs on TV

I have new faith in pop culture as a vector of enlightenment now that the TV show Glee has given us Wheels, a thoroughly contemporary After School Special about people with disabilities....more

Yeah I have also noticed it in all the glee series that it creates a culture like a tv wheels. ...more

Positive Attitude - It May Not Be the Key to Career Success You Think it Is

I recently received a question on LinkedIn from one of my connections who is a trainer and job search specialist. She was looking for stories about how keeping a positive attitude is crucial to success in one's job hunt during these times. In my reply, while I acknowledged that a positive attitude is important, it'll only get you so far. There is something far more important to succeeding whether it is the job hunt or building your business. ...more

Hi Paula

My name is Kymmy and I write about self help and personal development ...more