Penny Wise And Pound Foolish

We all know that the phrase “penny wise and pound foolish” refers to people who do things to save money, but end up spending much more because they did not do a simple cost/benefit analysis. I receive many calls weekly from potential clients who, regardless of how much they earn, automatically say they cannot afford a modest retainer to proceed with their case. Others want a “guarantee” that the amount they pay for a retainer will gain them the results they want....more

Top Ten Ways to Laugh More at Work

Tomorrow, I plan to give a speech to a group of healthcare professionals on finding humor in the workplace.  Why they asked me, I have no idea. I’ve had my share of crappy, miserable, insanely-awful Tuesdays.  Others might be living it up on their lottery winnings, riding around in limos all day drinking champagne out of diamond-studded goblets, but my mornings usually consisted of lukewarm coffee.  I was stuck in traffic, with bad hair and pants that were a hair too short....more

Role Play

It’s no surprise that I went into health law. Being a natural control freak, it has been nice over the past dozen years to be the one in charge. To say to a surgeon, who is so incredibly skilled and calm under pressure, it’s okay. Let me explain how this works. Even though inside, I’m probably laughing a bit, like “this is only a deposition!  If it ends badly, what’s a half-day mediation among friends?” And yet I’m a lawyer, and this is what I know....more

The Way I Thankfully Prevented Myself From Choosing a Bad Attorney

Eventually, everybody will require a legal professional pertaining to some legal problem. Going in to the world associated with laws and regulations, legal cases, and also decision the first time could be a quite challenging experience. Below are the tips I learned from experience....more

Two Sides to Every Story

I am defending a client on a "bad case."  A "bad case" means that so far, my client sounds like the bad guy.  That is, he sounds like the bad guy if you only listen to one side of the story.  The story of "the poor old couple."The poor old couple are in their 70s.  The husband walks with a walker.  He is maybe about 5'4" and weighs about 130 lbs.  The wife can barely walk.  Sometimes when she walks, she falls and can't get up....more

Where am I and How did I get here?!

There should be a map to Motherhood that hospitals give you when you give birth. Just a little road map, tucked into the bag with the seven free samples of formula and the pink and blue striped hats. It doesn't have to be much, just something that outlines the major points for you. ...more

Don't Diminish Yourself


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The Real Story On Fake Boobs

An online Bitter Poll we ran surprised us when almost 58% of voters said they thought fake breasts could only help a female lawyer’s career.  So we at asked around. Read “The Real Story On Fake Boobs” here. ...more

just a few questions...pundits?

Attorneys and writers have job security because there’s always one more question; the questions always out number the answers by at least one. ...more

My Encounter With a Woman Who Changed History: Dr. Sarah Weddington.

Hundreds of women business owners turned out for the Women's Leadership Exchange Summit in Long Beach, California. It was a day filled with amazing keynote speakers, training seminars and of course, lots of networking. I'm always impressed with the quality of the WLE conferences produced by founders Leslie Grossman and Andrea March. ...more