The Sexiest Man Alive?

I sat in the corner of the playroom, curled up in the pale blue rocking chair. I held my coffee close to my face, each sip foiled by a fit of giggles.Nugget couldn’t contain his laughter, either. We were bursting at the seams.And there was Ian, crouched on all fours in his pajamas….smacking himself in the head with a foam puzzle piece.WHAP!He looked like a complete buffoon making goofy faces with his butt up in the air. His glasses were cattywhompus across his nose and his hair looked like a wind-blown haystack. He hadn’t shaved....more

Disappointed- Loss of Attraction

So you get married.  You are both young and determined.  Things are going very well.  You are working together toward your goals.  You are both physically fit.  You both want the same things: kids, home and you even want the same breed of dog.  How is all this possible?  It is almost nirvana until someone gains a great deal of weight.  The scenarios cited are not gender specific.   Spouse A:“This is not what I signed up for.  You are not the same person.  You have given up your high standards....more

Does he really love me? His actions speak louder than his words.

I get a lot of questions from women trying to decipher how their partners feel. They wonder: Am I wasting my time? Can he/ she put more effort into taking care of my needs? Does he really love me? Maybe they want to take the relationship to the next level, but more often they are confused about exactly where they are.In my opinion, how your partner treats you says everything. His actions are most important, not his words....more

Cougar Life: Dating Younger Men

Mary is a 44-year-old woman who’s dating Dan, a 29-year-old man. They have amazing, frequent sex, and they are always exploring new places and trying new things together...Sounds great right? Well Mary know there's pros and cons to dating a younger guy, bet you can't guess them all!Test your knowledge: Dating Younger Men...more

Dating for Dummies: Women’s Edition

It’s here! After numerous exciting conversations, great photo exchanges and fun IMs, you finally have a date with the guy you’ve been chatting with.All is looking good, and the build up to this point has been amazing. But now what? Your palms grow sweaty as you start to think about what to say, what to wear, and you start to create stories in your head about......more

The Science of Attraction (pt 1)

Pat Wright recently moved to Florida to begin a new chapter in her life. She was single, available, and ready to meet someone special.  However, she was quickly confronted by a problem many women in her situation face. How do you start dating again? ...more

Unusual Attraction: The Ugly Sexy Paradox

A Husband, A Father, A Mormon... And Gay?

Josh Weed is a husband, a father, a member of the Mormon Church -- and he's gay. Earlier this month, he and his wife coauthored a post on his blog about how they have made their marriage work these past ten years. This is a summary of their story, as well as a roundup of the different aspects of this story that concern the blogosphere. ...more
 @avflox Hey there, yes, words are just that. Words. People can say a lot with words, but they ...more