8 cancer-generated secrets for becoming more attractive

If you’ve lost something to cancer that is of incredible value — your health, a way of life, someone who is precious beyond words — then it is important to grieve. To take your time and grieve in your own way.At some point, though, it will be to your advantage and good health to set aside your deep sorrow and take a stab at living again. And while you’re learning to live again, see if you don’t become more attractive in the process.  ...more

Royce Devimore

Royce DevimoreHe is a middle age, Dark Skinned, average height, muscular gentleman.He is humble, caring, modest, deceptive, alluring and selfish.Sex just oozes from his pores.He is well endowed; it's thick brown and long; hits his belly button when stiffHe is in an interracial marriage but severely neglected by his wife for years.He is in love with another woman; but doesn’t want to leave his wife because he is comfortable with all the material things that is given and provided for him....more

The Power Of Woman: Sexy Or Scary?

Women are friggin’ powerful. And during that fertile time of the month, our power escalates, especially with respect to how the opposite sex responds to us. At least, that’s what the research shows. This scares the hell out of some people....more

Love your article. It couldn't be more on point. I can always tell when the women I work with ...more