Is "Pretty" A Privilege? Thoughts from #BlogHer14

Being “pretty,” which I define as fitting society’s definition of physical attractiveness, is an odd thing. Writing about it feels even odder, particularly since I don’t feel more attractive than others. For many years, I felt ugly and awkward. I still occasionally feel that way....more
I have often thought that conventionally beautiful young people need to be given lessons in how ...more

Cute as a... um... monkey?

At a party the other night a friend was telling me about the ugliest baby he'd ever seen. So ugly was this baby that a mere description was not enough, he grabbed his phone and logged on to Facebook to share the horror. A few pictures later and we agreed that yes, this baby was not going to be in an Anne Geddes calendar any time soon... not that the parents know that....more

A Man with Money & Power? Not What Turns Me On.

I was reading the comments on some post about the David Letterman extortion situation the last time I read it. I didn't bookmark where, but it was your general run-of-the-mill stereotypical comment about how women are attracted to money and power. That always gets me thinking, because this gen-x girl just flat out doesn't get it. And today, I'm going to go one further. Thinking about it, I realized that I find money and power, UNattractive. ...more

Susan Walsh

Hey, I'm a fellow BlogHer woman, writing about relationships. I found your ...more

Testing the Red-Is-Pretty Theory

About a week again I wrote a post on my seasonedsex blog reporting on some colorful research that showed men find women more sexually attractive when dressed in red. It’s something to do with baboons and chimps and how their rumps get red when ovulating. People go for the craziest stuff because the study got a lot of interest on blogs and in media. So I decided to refine the important study. ...more

Beauty and the women I loathe...

There is a kind of woman I cannot respect. In fact, I loathe her like a cockroach. She is the kind of woman that takes one look at you then shuts down, clinging tightly to her man or muttering viciously in her friend's ear. I do not understand her. ...more