Storage Wars. Navy Nurse Loses.

I was shocked when I heard the story on my local tv channel.  A navy officer from West Bend who was deployed, had her storage locker auctioned off.  That locker contained all her worldly posessions, including her medals and family heirlooms. They were auctioned off, storage wars style,  when her tour of duty was extended and the fees weren't paid....more
@HomeRearedChef yeah, memories and treasures. sad story. more

Not Your Mother's Ebay Auctions

  Well, by now, I’m sure that each of us is subscribed to at least a few of the discount shopping sites à la Ideeli, Gilt, RueLaLa, etc… And then the Deal-of-the-Day sites, à la Groupon. Will we ever buy retail again?...more

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Mother's Day: What a Mom Wants