Mall Adventures

 We were only shopping for socks. The lure of the mall, however, offered to transform this ordinary sock shopping trip into a wonderful afternoon mother-daughter outing. It wouldn't hurt just to walk through, would it?...more

Wordless Wednesday - Mud Auction

Anne KimballBringing Borya HomePassed by an auction on the way home from Lancaster last w/e, and decided to have a look-see.  Round here, these firehouse auctions in the spring are known as "Mud Auctions".  There's a reason for that....more

Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Collection At Auction

Wow. I mean, WOW. I just spent 15 minutes previewing the Highlights from The Elizabeth Taylor Collection at Christie's and it was completely worth it. From her amazing diamond and jewel collection to her iconic fashion pieces, to movie posters and photographs to her antiques and decorative arts, and WARHOL PAINTINGS......more

Business Building Bargains can be Discovered at Government Auctions

These are tough economic times not only for small business; but governments too.  Many state and local governments are in the red and need money, fueling more government auctions.  Federal, state and local governments need the cash, and some small firms are finding business building bargains in these government "garage sales". ...more

No matter where you go – there you are, and there, and there, and there

I dream about sorting through things, and my hands hold bureaus and silver, watches and sets of antique china. In the frantic dream, they drop through the sky as my hands sort them – “keep”, “auction”, “sell later”, “give away”, “discard”. The memories flash by as I touch their triggering object. This is the little clock my mother bought by accident at an auction when she was swatting at a fly that had buzzed her ear. Here is the steamer trunk that used to belong to Miss Miller’s great grandfather the sea captain. This is the nativity set I used to set up as a child. ...more