Audiobooks Aren't As Cheesy As You Might Think: A Resmarted Collection

audiobooks aren't as cheesy as you might think: a resmarted collection...more


Stephen King told me in his book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft that one of the most important things a person can do to be a good writer is to read a lot....more

Google Listen: My Commuting BFF

Podcasts are a very big part of my life: for running, for my bus commute, for occupying my brain while I've been preparing my house for showings (we're in the middle of selling)... I even make my family listen to them in the car if I'm in the middle of a good one when we're leaving the house. :)...more

More resources for my Italian library

I've made a few more additions to my growing library of Italian resources: ...more

Le avventure di Pinocchio

(Hmmm, just in posting this blog title I noticed something different about Italian vs. French - Le instead of L' with the vowel! Interesting...) ...more

Top 1000 shopping site features Nina Patel, Randy Wilson, Left Standing, Village Kid and more, on Top 10 CD recommendations for

With EAT PRAY LOVE coming out this month, I thought it fitting to select music that I love to DEVOUR DELIGHT DANCE to, like Nina Patel’s “i am…Discovering Your Inner Beauty…”, Randy Wilson’s “Life Goes On”, Left Standing’s “Brand New Day” and Village Kid’s “Colourful Girl”.  These titles have a common thread of self-discovery,  beauty, perseverance and utmost entertainment!  ENJOY! ...more