Advice from Me+ & Audrey Hepburn (& a workout)

Workout Date: Saturday April 28, 2012 at 11:00am Me+: I love so many things in this world. I will warn you in advance I was in a Audrey Hepburn mood while writing this. ...more

The Simple Secrets to Audrey Hepburn's Style

Audrey was known for something which has disappeared, and that is elegance, grace and manners. —Billy Wilder, filmmaker ...more
What a wonderful review with comments and illustrations ...  She has always been my very ...more


I've always been a fan of Audrey Hepburn. I love her exotic accent, her petite frame, her dark hair and the elegant way she carried herself. As a young girl in an abusive white trash home, she was as opposite as anything I could imagine. I remember discovering that we were the same height, 5'7", but that she was a scant 110 pounds. My freshman year of high school, I starved myself into 109. I was thrilled. Several years later, I read her biography. She still fascinates me, but still in a very aloof kind of way....more

Donating My Hair: What Have I Done?

I’m an expert at going against the flow. I will not be one of them. Every other girl at my high school has long, straightened hair. When they walk by, you can smell the crispy, burnt ends. Sort of like a campfire. Not really. Campfires smell good. ...more

I love the honesty and the way your words described that moment. I felt as if I was lying on ...more

Barbie Looks Askance

Last night I dreamed that I won a contest. My prize? I would be dressed by Barbie. ...more