currently: the just last week one

Sometimes when I'm thinking about stuff that happened last week I think back to how much fun our New Year's Eve party was. ...and then I remember that New Year's Eve was thirty one weeks ago instead of last week, and then my mind is blown.  So hey, August! Nice of you to come storming in. To come in like a wrecking ball! There, that's the analogy I want....more

Where We Can More Clearly See

I think we might all agree that this summer has been particularly lovely.  Though we've had relatively cool temperatures, the days have still been warm enough for us to enjoy the finer things of the season.A delicious meal on the patio.(And yes, we definitely consider the occasional hot dog off the grill a delicious meal.)...more

And time goes by so...

I don’t understand it at all.  All last week, everywhere I seemed to go, I kept hearing the same thing repeated again and again.   “Summer is already over,” friends, co-workers, and even radio personalities kept saying.  In reply, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, that it’s not.  We have almost two full months left.  But I couldn’t mutter a word because I felt the same way. ...more

Poem for August

Mid Week Horoscope: Get Down To Earth As Sun Moves In To Virgo

The Sun is in Virgo as of today, Wednesday August 22. Whether its your birth sign or not, we will all feel the effects of this practical, hardworking, service oriented, Mercury ruled, 6th sign of the Zodiac until September 22. While being grounded, efficient and responsible, you can make it fun and still get results. If you want to work better and/or want better work, this is an excellent time to put together the building blocks needed to create something substantial. ...more
Yes, Its funny how often Mercury Rx seems not to have any effect at all. Then as soon as we let ...more

Senhora das Navegantes Continued ...

The festa, or party, here continued and finished, yesterday. We followed the celebration in our dingy and what a fabulous, energetic, wave of boats that accompanied the statues on their journey to the mainland town of Olhão there was! It began in the morning with a sense of excitement in the air. All of the fishing boats were in the marina for once, none were out fishing,  and many had decorated their boats for the occasion. ...more

Up and Down the Holler

Green, Mountains, CarThe sun sets lower and lower in the sky.  Days are getting shorter now.  The evenings are nippy; a welcome respite after the dog days of August.  After Labor Day it cools off quickly here on Camden Mountain.  The spiders have finished their egg sacs and most birds have flown south.  The bears are fat and sleepy, full of fish and berries and forage.  ...more

Christmas is too far away.

Last month a local radio station played Christmas music and called it “Christmas In July.”  I was right there, singing along.  Our local American Cancer Society Discovery Shop also declared it was “Christmas In July” and devoted half of the store to decorations, special china, the works. I browsed but didn’t buy. Now that it’s August, Christmas still seems too far away.   I could use a little Christmas right now. ...more

Anita Garner

Ah yes, back to school, Halloween and all manner of other events before ...more

We are made better by ill....

The good are better made by ill, as odors crushed sweeter still. Roger   ...more