And Yet

Throughout the process of decluttering my home, I’ve found that I have too much stuff. It is mainly stuff that I do not use.Take this for an example. I have a large entertainment center that is taking up at least 2/3 of a wall in my living room.The 29 inch non flat screen television has not been used on the regular. I’ve only started using it to get out of my bedroom to watch my VHS collection. The entertainment center has two tower speakers and a CD/radio/ cassette stereo. (Which by the way hasn’t been used in five years)...more

On being a single, mildly wild 20-something who is newly going to be an aunt.

I’m 27, single, gainfully employed, wildly restless and newly going to be an aunt. My sister and her husband of 3 months came to my apartment one Sunday morning, as we had previously planned, with their Jack Russell terrier puppy, Vito. I immediately picked him up for face licks and squirmy puppy hugs. Vito was dressed up in a baby onesie that had the phrase “#1 Bro” splayed on his back, which I immediately noticed and brushed off. My brother-in-law’s family is very Italian, and thus anything even vaguely mob-related comes as no surprise....more

Day 1

Well, we're 15 minutes away from being done with day 1.  Betty Mae is alive and ....wait, let me run check for the 50th time today to make sure she is in fact breathing....yep, alive and well. It was a very successful first day with only approx 10 minutes of crying, 4 total hours of sleeping, 25 minutes of walking, and countless "you're a funny girl"s to get that doll face to give me one of her adorable wide open mouthy smiley things. ...more

Does Being an Aunt Beat Being a Mother?

My niece recently sent me a link to the New York article by single-no-kids Kate Bolick, "Let's Hear It For Aunthood." Bolick makes some interesting points, starting with-because nearly 1 in...more

The Truth About Childless Women

Nearly 46 percent of American women through age 44 are childless. That's up from 35 percent in 1976....more
Childfree or Childless? There are those who are CHILDFREE (non-parent by choice) and those who ...more

Aunt Tessie and the Contest Entry Form - Day 89 of ONE GOOD DEED

 “I need you to do me a favor,” said Aunt Tessie. She held an envelope in her hand. A trip to the post office, I figured. Nothing to it. “Sure,” says me, with a soupcon of largesse. What a fool I was. She handed it over, and it was like being served with a subpoena.  Publishers Clearing House. “It says I’m a guaranteed winner,” Tessie beamed. We looked closer. “Actually,” I told her, “It says someone in this probably-about-six-million-people mailing is a winner.” “Well, it still could be me. Would you figure all this out and enter for me?”...more

Childfree Aunties: We're PANKs!

Anna Carey wrote a great piece in the Irish Independent about “PANKs” – Professional Aunts No Kids.  No more is the image of  childless aunties as "fussy ol ladies" -- we're a happening bunch that play an important role in children's lives.   Technically, I am not an aunt by blood but am an “auntie” to a few of my c...more

Is "Aunt" a Title or a Role?

I was talking to a soon-to-be-50-and-childless friend the other day, and she mentioned that she'd moved back to Missouri from Montana after her sister asked her to come back -- because she wanted her to be an aunt to her children. To BE an aunt. It got me thinking -- what is the role of aunt? What role do we play in our siblings' kids' lives? ...more

I am so happy to see something about the role of AUNTs here and I hope we'll think well of ...more