The Dark Knight and PTSD

I had a date with Bruce Wayne. The husband and I finally had a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises. Our anticipation for this film had been high for quite some time, but due to the Aurora shootings, we hadn't felt comfortable seeing it. The day had come and we were ready. Tickets were purchased, seats were taken, and previews were discussed and rated. As the movie starts, so does our excitement. Then it happened; I heard a baby cry....more
Thank you so much for writing this. I've worked with the Wounded Warriors program before and ...more

Aurora, Tucson, and Me

[Editor's Note: BlogHer Ashleigh Burroughs was shot during the January 2011 shooting at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords media event in Tucson, Arizona. --Grace] I have to write about it. I've tried avoiding it. I've tried minimizing it. I've tried ignoring it. I've tried tuning it out. I've skipped headlines and entire sections of the newspaper. It's not working....more
Beautifully said.  Thank you.more

Grace Takes Heavy Lifting

As I sit down to write today, my fingers feel hollow, as if they barely have the strength to press the letters on the keyboard before shattering.  My gut feels hollow, too.  This is, of course, in response to the news from Aurora.  The first time I remember this feeling is when I read a newspaper story in eighth grade about a student at the local university dying after being hazed.  Senseless, preventable death always kicks me in the gut....more

A Mass Shooting Survivor Pushes For Gun Control in Wake of Colorado Tragedy

The mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado last Friday hit especially close to home for me. In 1999, I was shot when an armed gunman walked into a Jewish Community Center day camp near Los Angeles California. There were five of us wounded and one who was killed. At the time, this was considered a mass shooting. It is crazy that now this is looked at as a small amount of victims....more
Disarming the good guys will never stop the bad guys, it just makes it easier for the bad guys ...more