Tragedy and Reality: When The American Dream Becomes A Nightmare

Even though we want to be living the dream, sometimes it takes a nightmare to wake us up. I literally just woke  up from a nightmare but it wasn't really a nightmare it played out like a movie. It was actually based on a movie I had actually seen before I guess in my head it was an extended updated version. I say it wasn't really a nightmare because it was subtle, but the underlying concept was one thing I fear the most: Ignorance....more

Superheroes In Aurora

Max wore his Captain America T-Shirt to preschool today.  Buckled into his carseat, his little face peered out the window, washed in the morning sunshine.  I had the news on the radio.  I had that strange compulsion that all parents have, the need to drink in any breaking news about children being hurt.  Max was calling out “twain twacks!” and “Look Mommy!  A cement mixer!” from the backseat, and CNN was on so quietly that I was positive he couldn’t hear it.  Until he shouted “BATMAN!!  That lady said Batman!!”  And I turned it off....more