BlogHer Conference From an Aussie's Point of View

I kept writing, through the worst period of my life. And I was loved through it all. You bloody Yanks sure do know how to support a gal. One late night in October 2008, I impulsively bought a ticket to attend the following year’s BlogHer. I was gonna be a part of it, somehow. ...more
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I'm a newbie...

I'm really liking the blogosphere. First recommended to me by my 23 year old son, who "gave" me a blog for Mothers Day last year, now a necessity in my life. I use it to keep in touch with said son, who has relocated from Sydney Australia to New York, USA; I use it to post photographs from my cherished digital camera; I use it to keep in touch with my three blogging sisters here in Oz. Come and visit me at : http// ...more

Did he really give you a blog? A whole blog? Not just a blog post telling you what a great mom ...more