Meeting my frizz half-way

I made a decision last December to embrace my curly, frizzy and typically unruly hair once and for all. After 31 years of meddling with my hair’s natural state of existence, I was finally ready to take the all-natural route....more

Dealing with Reality

Don’t let what you see be all that you perceive. People have layers, even when they have Photoshop layer masks....more

From Porn Stars to Sexy School Girls, Real Women Don’t Have to Look Like Male Fantasies

OK look, it is not totally the guys’ fault. Guys are easily confused when it comes to women. Any girlfriend or wife can attest to this simple fact. So it is up to us, the women, to tell the guys what is sexy or not. Yes, guys are very visual and their attraction to women who look like strippers, porn stars or sexy, school girls is well-documented, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want all of us to strut around looking like that. Those kinds of looks are for male fantasies, not for reality, at least not any lasting reality....more

I was wondering the same thing about whether men would agree. I need to figure out a good site ...more

Finding Authentic Beauty on Mt. Kilimanjaro

When people ask me what I do for a living, my answer usually results in a response akin to "You What?" I own a safari company and take people to Africa. And yes, I am a certified field guide. I've been traveling to Africa for the past many years, having gone over thirty times (I haven't kept exact track of the numbers). It sounds impossible. How could a 48-year old woman raised in Birmingham, Alabama wind up as an Africa guide? ...more

Thanks for your article, I can't leave NY right now so reading articles like this take me away ...more

Own Your Beauty: The Beauty of Our Imperfections

What is Beauty? Is it looking like those fashion models in the magazines? If we strive to be just like them, won’t we all just be the same?Should we instead work on enhancing what makes us different? As a salon professional, I encounter people daily who have issue with one “flaw” or another. It is often something they have struggled with since childhood, whether some part of their physical self, or maybe a personality quirk....more

The Charm of Marie-Antoinette

As I tried to convey in my novels, Marie-Antoinette was a lady of immense charm. What exactly IS charm? Here are some definitions:...more

The Art of Being Alluring as taught by an Italian Waitress

Perhaps it is the familiar way she treats all her customers at The Steps of Rome in North Beach, the Italian District in San Francisco. She places a hand on your shoulder when she greets you, she touches your scarf to compliment your style, she hugs a friend who has come by to say hello, and takes him by both hands to spin around with delight. She is the most mesmerizing woman I have ever seen....more

Liesl Garner, Fashion Marketing Writer for the FleeceFootwear more