Don't Put Your Preacher on a Pedestal

 Peoples is peoples. – Muppets Take Manhattan A few years ago I was excited to land a small writing job for an organization active in the self-help area.  I was so excited to be carving out more time for a pursuit of which I was passionate.  I was also excited that I would be encountering more people with similar interests to mine.   ...more

Why I Bought Myself a Diamond Ring

Editor's Note: Each week this month, we're featuring a response to one of the BlogHer Writing Lab prompts. Want to be inspired by writing prompts? They're posted at the beginning of every month in the Writing Lab. Want to be the next featured writer? Join the Writing Lab's Facebook group and look for the Pitch Please call for posts. --Mel ...more
Lovely post Corrine :)more

Healing Follows Honesty

 Last week, I was reading a book in which a young girl struggles to reconcile the disharmony she sees between her parents and the 'happy family show' they put on in Church every Sunday. Naturally, she was terribly confused about love, religion, society and knowing what is the truth....more

Book Review: The Gifts of Imperfection

"Self-doubt undermines the process of finding our gifts and sharing them with the world. Moreover, if developing and sharing our gifts is how we honor spirit and connect with God, self-doubt is letting our fear undermine our faith."...more

Lindsey - part of a series, "Be True to Thyself"

With the spirit of encouraging and inspiring everyone out there to become acquainted with oneself and learn to be comfortable and accepting of oneself, I have started a series, "Being True to Thyself," wherein I will include snapshots of individuals who dare to be themselves, imperfections and all, and are becoming stronger, full-of-life people.Lindsey is the first individual in my series....more

Some things bear repetition

I found it - the 'lost blog' and I am printing it today, though it really belonged as my third blog.  Why?  Because I still like what I said in this first one better than what i blogged in the end that day.  Here goes: Well, here we are, my third blog and already I feel lighter.   Day 4 of my return to a cleaner eating plan and things are going okay.  Yeah, just okay....more

Are Mothers Selfish?

Buds on the trees, and I see the woodpecker who visits every year in our apple tree.  Sesame, our cat, is chirping at the window watching the birds.  Spring is here and Mother’s Day is around the corner....more

When You Lower the Mask, We Find Beauty

Dear momma friend, What would happen if we dared to lower our masks? If we stepped out in courage and dared to strip away the fake, the lies, the shame, the disguises. What would happen if we put away the fears and dared to be honest? To be transparent? To be real? The answer? Something beautiful. ...more

Inspirational QOTD: "Our Greatest Fear"

In today's Video blog (VLOG), I have a little fun and share a quote of the day. This quote by Marianne Williamson, "Our Deepest Fear", (which is often mistakenly attributed to Nelson Mandela) is one of my absolute favorite quotes so I had to highlight it in my first QOTD blog!!...more

Growing the Garden of My Life

How to Grow a GardenStep 1 – Preparation...more