Are You a Visionary or Ordinary?

I have an important question to ask you. How committed are you to fulfilling your dreams? Most people say they’re committed but one thing I noticed is that when the going gets tough most people gracefully bow out. I need you to understand that going after your dreams is not going to be comfortable all the time. That discomfort may include one or more of the following:...more

Spiritual Sunday - Like the Stars

Many evil things have happened in our world over the past week and I took comfort in the lectionary readings that spoke directly to me and other Christians.Gather together with other Christians so we can stand in love against the evil that is upon us.  Be as stars in a dark night....more

I Can Do Bad All By Myself!

As much as you may have your moments where you want to do it all by yourself, you have to realize that thinking like that  is one of the biggest setbacks in creating the ideal life you desire. The “I can be bad all by myself” attitude has got to go now! That sort of mentality is often rooted in pride and pride will choke the harvest of love, prosperity, success and wealth to manifest in your life. You were not created to do everything in your own strength, you were created to thrive and one of the best ways that you’ll achieve your destiny is to know your blind spots....more

Spiritual Sunday - Seek Peace and pursue it

The words in this post on peace and how we purse it are meant to lighten your load and bring you joy.To read more click here...more

Why It's Hard to Leave a Toxic Relationship

Are you in a toxic relationship? One that feels good to you at times, but your spirit (not to mention your family and friends) is urging you to leave!Have you tried to leave?More than once?But the next thing you know you’re right back in his bed?It’s not just the sex either. Though for sure explosive sex will make us double back to relationships we know don’t deserve us.You don’t quite know what it is, but what you do know is that your will to leave is no match for your desire to stay.I was there. ...more

John Edward: My Interview with Psychic Medium John Edward

This past week, I had the honor and privilege to interview psychic medium John Edward for an edition of "Spotlight On" on AfterBuzzTV.  If you have any interest inwhat happens after we cross over,...more

The stick of creative dynamite is being lit under my ass

Last year, I spent my New Year’s Eve listening to the beeps and boops of slot games in a casino. I theorized that the year could be predicted based on what I could be doing or where I was when the clock struck midnight. So when Billy Joel was singing “You May Be Right” on the television, I considered it a sign....more

Introducing my new book "The Wizard of Loneliness"

I have a new book available, The Wizard of Loneliness. It is a deeply personal and indepth look at the humble beginnings of my spiritual journey. It is my gift to you for the holidays. Here is the link

To All you Brave Friends - with Awe and Applause

The current of authenticity holds you together when you are visible to the public or sitting quietly in a library. Regardless of what work you do, how you run your household, which company you head, this is the wire that leads your spirit.You are honest, authentic, moral and supportive. We need you, your example, your courage,...more