Would the real me please stand up?

I've been watching the third season of The Big C. In the show, Laura Linney plays a high school teacher, Cathy Jamison, who deals with a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment by going a little crazy pretty much insane. Oliver Platt, who is the sexiest ugly, fat man on the planet, plays her husband, Paul....more

How Do You Be Honest, Kind, Direct And Nice, All At The Same Time?

Hi Virginia! I know I'm super late responding to you - I haven't been on BlogHer in forever and ...more

Dollar Shave Club: How to Launch a Startup with Creativity, Style, and Humor

I absolutely love hearing about startups, businesses, and work that people do that comes from them owning who they are and doing it with a sense of style and humor. Today my husband shared a new advertising video that one of our best friends sent him that was released this past Tuesday by a startup called Dollar Shave Club.   ...more
Humor is so important! Searching for examples of humor in social media and found this post, very ...more

Advice You Will Never Hear From a Career Counselor

Almost two years ago, I wrote my first blog post. As soon as it went live, I thought, I have quite possibly just ruined my entire life. ...more
A few months ago, someone wanted to set up a meeting. I was doing an on-site visit with clients ...more

An Authentic Guru's Role

http://waltzinghorses.blogspot.com/2012/01/authentic-gurus-role.html ...more

The Tyranny of LIKE

Sleeping six hours, going to multiple 6:30am fitness classes a week followed by 8 hours behind a desk, drinking too much coffee so my energy spikes and drops like a bungee jumper -- each of these actions do result in my feeling, at times, exhausted. Surpise surprise. Yet nothing, no thing, no behavior or excess of behaviors in my current life makes me feel as tired as being fake. And perhaps nothing, no thing, feeds and fuels a tendency towards inauthenticity as much as a desire to receive the life equivalent of a Facebook LIKE....more

Withholding Feedback Can Cost You Your Next Promotion!

 Do you believe you can be authentic at work? Or do you have the thought that if you gave your boss direct feedback, that shortly afterwards; you would be looking for a new job? The challenge is, if you choose to withhold, the consequences can be damaging and effect your ability to build trusting relationships, which effects how you engage with your teammates and might end up costing you your next promotion....more

Authenticity is Your Ticket To the Top

I'm proud to share that I just had a major Op Ed piece posted to The Glass Hammer - a preeminent professional woman's blog. Here's a short summary and I encourage you to read the full article on The Glass Hammer for the executive coaching advice at the end....more

Do You Want Miracles? Be A Spirit Junkie!

In a world overflowing with self-help books about absolutely nothing, my dear friend Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book Spirit Junkie is a cool drink of mint iced tea on a blazing September day.  Like a Band-aid on a wound, balm on the soul, and a breath of fresh air (I’ll cut it out already with the clichés now), Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles is about something that r...more

Life Politics and Quiet Activism

You all know what a mess I was two years ago.  While I fully anticipated that having kids would change my life, I absolutely did NOT have even an inkling of what was life with colic.  “Upheaval” does not even begin to define what I went through – what my family went through – just fumbling through those days....more