I'm Free: There's Nothing Left to Lose

And if I am being an imposter, or only a shadow of me, then the value that anyone places in me is erroneous, invalid and an applaud that is not mine. And maybe that is why life could feel so lonely sometimes… when we’re only second-handers. ...more

So, so true, Lauren. And it all starts with really embracing who you are.


Is Vulnerability in Leadership Desirable?

The more successful we become the more vulnerable we are. It comes with the higher visibility at the top. It is a great time to share our successess with the audience, but what about our failures? Are we ready for the critique? Are we ready to stand out in confidence and act decisively even when others stand still in doubt? Being vulnerable means not to hide ourselves, go beyond our doubts and fears, beyond our comfort zone. Opening ourselves, opening our minds to others. Acting authentically....more

Live, Learn and Compromise

You may have noticed that there is a metre or so of snow on the ground, right now.  Looking out our front window, you would never guess that we HAVE a front walk - nevermind that it was shoveled less than 24 hours ago.  I'm drinking my coffee in my jammies, looking at all that snow, and trying to use telepathy to get that boy three houses down to come and ask to shovel our walks.He wants a new snowboard.  I want him to have a new snowboard.  Especially if it means I don't have to get dressed, today....more

This snow has really forced us to slow down at exactly the right time. I can't remember our ...more

31 days, 31 ways to Love : Keepsakes for YOU

Happy December 1st to you!!! So trusting the wonder of the right now finds you feeling hope, exuding joy, and expecting a bounty of good. Oh, I simply adore this month!!! For me, each December, I find my heart deeply yearning to know what more can I do to hold and hug someone's right now, let her or him know they're okay just as they are, and find a way to virtually hold hands and hearts with humanity....more

Unapologetically Yours

; For most of my life, I have been a please-er. I was the kid that would burst in to tears if you so much as said NO to me.  The daughter of two ministers, I knew from a young age that I was to be a good example, so I tried to be the best example.  I became addicted to positive attention and did everything I could to be as perfect as a little kid can be or  a pre-teen, or even in to my teen years. However, we all learn eventually that the road to perfection only leads to madness. ...more

You're not alone. You should check out my profile for a statement that can be viewed very ...more

The Manifesto

I'm sure we can thank Jonathan Ames for the wonderful line, "A little failure is good for you. It gives your face some texture." The following is my failed entry in the Medium Raw Challenge; a competition offered by Anthony Bourdain and his publishers, HarperCollins. The winning essay would be published as a foreword to his latest book. Having never worked in a restaurant, I would typically have left something like this to somebody with an ounce of street cred. The question, however, was so simple, and so compelling....more

The Blogosphere on Authenticity

Choosing to live a more authentic life two years ago has required me to be very conscious of how I spend my days and how I live. It's not always easy, but it's very much like the thoughts Beth shared with us in response to the video on her blog: "I have reached the conclusion that regardless of whether other people are being authentic, I don't want to be held hostage by my fears of what people will think or say. I want to be me. ...more

Your story really touched me. People just can't seem to grasp the fact that as long as you're ...more

Own Your Beauty, Month 1: Discover Authenticity With Brené Brown

Almost exactly two years ago, I woke up early and lay groggily on my back, trying to will myself to get out of bed and start getting dressed for my executive position as the assistant general counsel of a relatively large software company. As I lay there, staring at the ceiling, feeling somehow pinned to my bed by my bedclothes, I said out loud, almost without thinking: "Enough." ...more

That's the authentic me. I have learned it's ok to be me, to speak my mind, and not everyone has ...more

Thanks for Signing the Own Your Beauty Statement of Belief!

Congratulations! You've pledged to join Own Your Beauty. Here's more you can do: Start changing the conversation. Tell your friends about Own Your Beauty now: Email ...more

I have been blogging on this topic for several months now. Love that i can be a part of ...more

Fashion Challenged? Get to Know Your Personal Style

I confess, sometimes I’ve watched fashion make-overs on TV or seen them in magazines and I’ve secretly wished I could be one of those people.The problem is, I worry that would mean giving up my comfy yoga pants and t-shirts. I usually console my disheveled self by saying looks shouldn’t matter anyway. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? I mean, what was it that our moms always told us? “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”...more