Run away to the circus!

In about 5 days, I will embark on what many see as the adventure of a lifetime - I am running away and joining the circus!  For just over 9 weeks, I will travel, live, work, eat, and breathe with a troupe of Circus Folks - Circus Smirkus - as we perform under the canvas big top, all over New England.Smirkus is one of the few non-indoor travelling circuses left.  All of the performers are between the ages of 10 and 18 years old.  My job will be to manage the Front of House operations, and to liason with the press while we are in the field....more

What's in a Name? Apparently a Lot

How to Conjure What You Wish to Create, Part I: A Fable

Written By: Dr. Lissa Rankin There’s a lot of talk these days about the Law of Attraction. They make it sound so simple. You just wish for something, and then- POOF! Your fairy godmother appears and you get exactly what you want. Just like that....more

I love this - Nice Fable! You should turn it into a graphic novel. That would be uber cool! more

Thank YOU Liz Strauss for helping me own my fingers

Image by jdlasica via Flickr SOBC...more

hey gal. i know wasn't it? i jotted it down on a post it note and it's now on my desk...viewable ...more

I Just Gotta Be ME!

Written by Lissa Rankin ...more

(W)omen (E)xploring, (E)xpressing, (E)mpowering, (T)hemselves, Transformation

Dawn of Love @ ...more

What Does It Look Like to Live Your Bliss for 90 Years?

Every time I go to an excellent concert, I think about what it would be like if every human were an open conduit for the gifts that they were sent here with. Imagine -- a planet full of healthy, happy people doing the things they were meant to do rather than what they are told they "should" do, rather than living in boxes of "normal." Going to see Dave Brubeck play jazz piano at age 90 was the ultimate illustration of ilving your bliss.  This was self-actualization right before my eyes. ...more

Are you tired of worrying what your date thinks of you?

When I talk to my clients they often say they don’t like dating because they feel awkward. They’d rather do laundry than date. One client mentioned that it feels like being back in High School. I remember in High School often worrying what my date was thinking. Was I cool enough? Was I smart enough? Was I saying the right things? It was exhausting, kinda like climbing Mount Everest without the right gear. ...more

Looking to Build Meaningful Relationships On and Offline? How 'bout Lookin' Within?

Lately I've pondered much about building meaningful relationships on and offline. In one day, here's a sampling of a few conversations about building relationships I learn from tweets: ...more

I am continuallly humbled by how much I want to pour effort into deepening online ...more

is your porn name spiritual? it is if you say so!

Veronica Danielle LaPorte Johnson. That’s my full name. I've always been called Danielle, because apparently my mother couldn't bear the thought of someone shouting out "Hey Vickeeey!" to me. "Johnson" came with my man. In high school, while obsessed with Lynda Evans' should pads in Dynasty, I considered changing my name to something more swellegant like, Victoria DuBonnet. Glad that phase passed. NAME CHANGERS ...more