Want To Become a Published Author? Bust These Excuses...

My first book hit #2 on Kindle Store's Small Business category and received ten 5-star reviews in the first five days. Not too shabby given that it took me just 4 weeks from idea to becoming a published author.Like many, I've been trying to "write a book" for two years. I have a dozen Word docs and Scrivener files mocking at me from my hard drive.Until I got off my bum and got it done. With a plan....more

7 Tips for Writing and Life from Author Cheryl Strayed

If you’ve read the book Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail or seen the movie, you know that words from Cheryl Strayed have a way of evolving into a deep, inspirational lift while stemming&...more

4 Principles to Create a Healthy Polyamorous Relationship

Gracie XHere are my thoughts on four principles to enhance relationships:1)    Create your own relationship doctrine...more

The Write Spot, with Author Fran McNabb

Welcome to the second edition of The Write Spot, a bi-weekly author series spotlighting the many and varied places where writers write. ...more
Thank you for having Cheryl's blog here. She was so sweet to feature me, and I do appreciate you ...more


My name is Marie A. Diaz-Cervo and I was born on the 18th of November, 1965 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am the daughter of Haitian/Cuban sailor Anthony Salomon of Les Cayes and of Ghislene Moise of Benet, Haiti a seamstress. I am also the mother of two teenagers. The Salomon descent from Haitian President Lysius Felicite Salomon and The Diaz-Cervo family has a long, established history in New Jersey, dating back to 1996. My father died at the age of 43 in 1972 from pneumonia, which was also the likely result from cold he caught overseas....more

The Thrill of the Last Good Day

So, I'm five years out this month from having terminal cancer and just not dying. In those five years I have had related but separate bouts of the same cancer, melanoma that weren't as life-threatening but had their own set of woopsie-daisies.I walked around for so long, years, with such large bandages on different parts of me that a homeless man I passed all the time on my way to the oncology department started asking me how I was doing. He looked really worried....more


After talking to an advisor on Friday morning I have decided to go the traditional publishing route for JENTRY SMILES.  She suggested that there was a greater potential for success if I were to query for a literary agent.I am in the process of doing what it takes to be successful with the assistance of the Treehouse Author Services, previously know as Treehouse Publishing Service.  I am at rest with my decision and I have found it leaves time for the bigger picture and leaves all the little details like the cover, editing to the professionals....more

Press Release in Newspaper Today About My Book

The hard copy of my book "In These Days of Cell Phones, Texting and Social Media...Can the Nest Ever Be Truly Empty?...more
For some reason I can't get paragraph breaks in here! I even tried copying it into note first, ...more

What Do You Think About The Curtains?

A book isn't a book.  It's something coiled tight inside of you that you've allowed to see the light of day.At least, that's the way I think of it....more