Visit Another Planet with Cara Bristol at the Helm

Oh the places you’ll go! In science fiction and sci-fi romance, world-building is the process of creating an imaginary place, which includes developing geography, history, culture, language, government, religion, etc.  Sci-fi is one of the most setting-dependent genres....more

A Conversation With An Author: Carolina De Robertis

I am one to noticed little details on websites, billboards, ads. I guess that's the marketer in me. So one day, while I was on Mills College website, I saw that a Mills alum just wrote a book. Oh my gawd! I had to get to know this fabulous woman and read her book right away! Here is a Holiday treat from me to you. ...more

99 Keys to a Creative Life

  Book DescriptionCreativity is not just painting or writing; it is stepping outside the way we normally think and looking at a situation from different angles. Author Melissa Harris reminds us that the many small acts we perform on a daily basis can be used to view our lives in a new way.99 Keys to a Creative Life is divided into three sections for easy reference: 3...more

Time To Read: Top 5 Books On My Reading List

Time To Read: Top 5 Books On My Reading List ...more

Books to Read in 2015

One of my goals for this year is to read more books. I used to be an avid reader but somehow left it behind over the last few years. I did read the "IT" books like the Hunger Games and the Fifty Shade series but not much else. Last year the only two books I read were 10% Happier by Dan Harris and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  Both books reminded me how much I love and miss reading. Making time for a book means cutting back on other things like TV and time on social media....more

How I Write - 4 Things That Keep Me Going

How I Write - 4 Things That Keep Me Goingby Lady Elizabeth Tullos     When I began to write, I wanted to know how others did it.  It just seemed like a conundrum.  Well, here is how I finally figured out what I was supposed to do.  It may not be how you are supposed to write, but it could help you get started....more
Susanf How did you venture to ed2go turn out?more


A girl. A guy. A bad something. And a great big storm....more

How to Create a Book from Your Blog

When I found out that PressBooks offered a blog-to-book tool, I frankly didn’t expect much, as similar tools I’ve tried have crashed or stalled in the middle of the process without so much as an error message. I was stunned when it worked!...more

Why I Wrote A Dangerous Dance

"There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune… " William Shakespeare...more