Book Review : 7 Women - And The Secret of Their Greatness

Rating: 5/5Author: Eric MetaxasSummary: This book has stories of seven most influential women: Jeanne d’Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Saint Maria of Paris, Corrie ten Boom, Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa. For the welfare of society and human beings, these women devoted their lives. Below mentioned is a summary of each of these fascinating women:...more

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Elle Klass: The Eye of the Storm ...more

Book Review: Where'd You Go Bernadette

Where'd You Go Bernadette is one of the first stories I read after a summer of personal transition and change. I consider it the first book of a renewal period for myself and I am very glad that it was. Full of satire, irony, and my kind of humor, Where'd You Go Bernadette follows a young girl named Bee on a search for her suddenly missing mother....more

To Helen Back: A River Road Mystery by Susan Mc Bride

Jennifer Vido...more

"Things A Little Bird told Me" About Biz Stone And Twitter

Until I read THINGS A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME, I knew nothing about the back story of Twitter or the people who created it — not even their names.  (Sorry Biz.)  I just used the service like millions of others worldwide never giving much thought to the whys and hows behind it.While I have cobbled together 140 characters to entertain (and be entertained), meet interesting people, stay in touch with friends, and follow news worthy events, I am far from Twitter obsessed and I can’t say that Twitter has changed my life....more  It was very fast and interesting read.  Like I said I knew nothing of Biz ...more

Bread Spread?

Oh, joy.I just got a call from Honda. My minivan’s “check engine” light was not indicating a minor something. It was indicating a major something. Namely my CO2 sensor and catalytic converter have both gone to live with Jesus. The cost, for parts and labor, will be about one thousand smackaroos. That is more clams than I would like to produce from my particular estuary.Again with the oh, joy....more
Denise LunaFCSYay!!more

One Special Christmas

 Christmas is just around the corner!...more

The Best Snowman Ever!

 Tiger Tales Books Presents The Best Snowman Ever!...more

A Nice Reading and Gift for his Christmas

This is the time of the year when cuddling with a good book and a hot coffee or tea while the snow falls outside becomes one of the nicest activities....more