(INTERVIEW) Girl in Translation Author Jean Kwok & BlogHer

Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation was one of the May selections for BlogHer Book Club, and we've been talking up a storm about the novel. We opened to the floor to questions from BlogHers, and Jean has obliged by sending us answers! Find out about the time she was accused of cheating, who her favorite authors are and what kinds of books she reads to hone her craft. ...more

If you read please let us know what you think!

BlogHer Book Club Host Karen Ballum ...more

Great Cause=Great Personal Opportunity

For the last three days, I've been hanging out at the Brenda Novak Cure for Diabetes Auction.  It's an annual event that helps those with diabetes AND helps writers.Helps writers?  How, you ask?  Many authors, editors and agents donate invaluable opportunities that you can take advantage of while also supporting a great cause.I found this one today:  <a href="http://brendanovak.auctionanything.com/Bidding.taf?_function=detail&amp;Auction_uid1=2078384">Critique of a Partial Manuscript by FOUR Published Authors</a>...more

Poetic Novels: Oxymoronic?

When a writer I know proudly called her prose "poetic," she meant to highlight its lush language. She was crestfallen when readers found it weedy, overgrown, and humid.  Decked-out, souped-up language that calls attention to itself isn't poetic in the best sense.There are subtler elements to consider when writing a long piece. Sonics, for instance, count heavily in an art form meant to be heard. Rhythm, cadence, and phrasing, are all musical elements that drive a story and make a reader want to turn the pages....more

Amy Tan Is Awesome, Honest and Totally Rockin'

Most people know Amy Tan best for her breakout novel, The Joy Luck Club. It's a pretty great book. But that is not why I think she's awesome. ...more

Okay, Amy Tan fans:

The mountain of books to the right of my bed is gargantuan. If I have ...more

Anais Nin

Her erotic stories were sexually explicit, but not blunt, not coarse. They had plots, elaborate trappings, interesting characters in exotic settings. As opposed to formulaic pornography, her stories were erotic adventures. They were not, however, the embroidered bodice-rippers of today. Her characters were having sex as equals, each powerful in his or her own way. ...more

I found myself re-reading her to write this article. It was great to revisit ...more

Cookbooks Are Hot at Libraries

I have a cookbook problem. I like to be surrounded by dozens of cookbooks. It used to be that I'd go to the bookstore, hit the clearance section and end up leaving with a handful of them. That's changed in recent years. Now my browsing for cookbooks happens at the my library, and I'm not alone. According to Publisher's Weekly cookbooks are the number one non-fiction category in libraries. ...more

I read cookbooks a lot. :)

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The Must Buy List

Deep down I’m a rabid fangirl.  I lust over the covers of books, the jackets (when hardcover, the back cover where the interesting tidbits of the story are unveiled and I really miss the inside page where they used to put that hot kiss scene that would just get my full attention. But even in my most frothy of booklust states I must maintain a semblance of sanity.  Or at least that’s how I console myself when I put the book down....more

I used to have one, now I don't. My library is my best friend and that cut down on my purchase ...more

The Writer's Dilemma: Tweeting Your Good News

Liz Fraser had a fantastic post recently about how authors are using social media to self-promote and sell their work, and whether or not this is "career masturbation." Really, the post applies to any self-propelled medium -- from music to Etsy to being a Web designer. If you are self-employed and your success literally hinges on getting people to invest in your work (in other words, buy the product or service), you know that social media can be a lifeline, even if it can be a bit embarrassing to use it. ...more
For me, self-promotion on twitter turns me off.  Maybe it's my own self deprecation but I always ...more

Chant of Death -- booksigning in New Iberia, LA

Chant of Death, authored by Diane Marquart Moore and Isabel Anders, is now available for Kindle Readers. Chant of Death was released by Pinyon Publishing in paperback in August 2010 ($15.00). The Kindle version is now available at Amazon for $9.99. For more information, please contact susanelliott@pinyon-publishing.com. New Iberia Signing: Diane Moore will be signing copies of Chant of Death at the Books Along the Teche Bookstore on February 26, 2011 (11am - 1pm)....more

Why, oh why do you want to become an author?

First of all, let me tell you this - writing a novel is not simple as many of beginner authors think.As in any area in life, to achieve success one must learn, practice and have a positive attitude.Having a possitive view on life might be the most important part of the process of becoming successful in any field, as problems and obstacles arise day and night and only an unshakable character can deal with all that stuff. ...more