I'm Entitled to Bad Days

As a special needs parent, I’m entitled to bad days.  Not because I feel sorry for myself, but because being a parent is filled with challenges.  On top of that, I am overly protective of my son.  Since he isn’t able to advocate for himself, I have to be his voice.  Unfortunately, there are moments when I feel the need to protect him from people who stare, whisper and judge my innocent child.  Most of the time I can let go, but on other occasions, I feel like I want to explode....more

What You Do and Don't See With Autism

What You Do and Don’t See with Autism:...more

Autism in Fiction...My Autistic Son Inspired Me to Write

Writing Through Autistic Eyes:Paul Nelson ...more

Autism: 8 Amazing Aspects of My Child

"The thing is, society and the media do such a great job at portraying autism as a debilitating condition, parents often times consider the “A” word worse than a curse word. It terrifies them. Without knowing all of the wonderful things that come along with autism, I certainly understand their fear."...more

IEP Meetings: What It's Really Like In There

I would really like to talk about IEP meetings, the likelihood of me being able to do this without becoming apoplectic is slim, but I will try....more

"Okay, should we do diaries then?" - Comic Con Part 2

(aka - "Hello Sweetie!")Part 2 of our recent trip to the Rhode Island Comic-Con…. (from Part 1 – “Don’t You Cry No More” #Supernatural)...more

Visting Rhode Island Comic Con part 1

Back in November we attended Rhode Island Comic-Con in Providence. It was an experience to say the least....more