Society Has Failed Us....

Society has failed us all.... Society deems what is "acceptable" in our world. It feeds the media whom then warps these thoughts into biased, fear based reports. This is unacceptable. Society tells our children it's not okay to be curvy. Society tells our children it's not okay to be Gay. Society tells our children how they should look, speak, and act. ...more

Autism is NOT a Punishment

I read a piece on Jezabel today which set my blood to boiling. It was about how Toni Braxton wrote in her memoir that she believed that God gave her son Autism as punishment for having an abortion earlier in life. No, really. Her exact words:...more
LeeLee1210 I'm very glad to hear that she doesn't feel that way anymore. I definitely understand ...more

Autism miracles! Why Essential oils don't suck.

Do you see this test?!DO you see the CLEAR, LEGIBLE handwriting?...more

I know I shouldn't compare

This morning, a coworker and I were discussing our Easter activities with our families. I had shared with her my story and pictures of Philip hunting Easter eggs. My coworker then described how several of her young relatives took turns being, let us say, difficult. The gist of her story was that the three children took turns either being greedy, selfish or declaring the Easter egg hunt that she put on for them unfair....more

Why I hate autism awareness month

I have a child with autism. ...more

Who Is that Woman with My Son?

Who is that woman with my son? She just stands there as Philip messes up the craft. At this table, the public library has a project in which a coffee filter is supposed to be glued to the top of the green rectangle of construction paper to become a flower on a stem. Philip is gluing it in the middle! Wait, is she helping him do it wrong? Why didn’t she point out how the other kids are doing it the right way? She acts as if this gymnasium full of families won’t notice. ...more
hayes080505 That's wonderful that you could see the beauty in his artwork.more

Speak with Care: It Can Make All the Difference in Someone's Life

I was driving to work the other day and overheard someone on the radio say that so and so has an "Autistic Child." I immediately was time-warped back into a Master's class I took about children diagnosed with autism. In this class we were taught how labeling can negatively affect a child and the way they are treated or perceived by others.  Our professor was adamant in making sure we understood the correct way to describe an individual who has been diagnosed with special needs.   Common phrase: "Billy is Autistic." ...more

The Talk - How We Told Our Son About His Autism

It started like every other night.  It could have been any other ordinary day.  Any at all.  The same instructions had been given.  The same teeth-brushing arguments, both pro and con, had been repeated.  The blessed melatonin had been given.  We sat down and pulled open the devotion book but we never read past the date – April 2nd....more

April Is Autism Awareness Month, So Let Me Tell You About My Kid - The One Without Autism

Hi Everyone. This is my daughter, Anna. She's thirteen years old today. Thirteen is a big birthday, don't you think?...more

My Autism Numbers

Today was a rough day, for those sharing the ASD fish bowl. The reality of 30% increase in ASD cases is scary and yet another rude, wake-up call.We must keep educating our kids and each other. We have to come together to share ideas, best practices and build each other up. We must fight for our children. ...more