The School Conference That Made Me Cry

I recently attended a conference at my 3rd grader’s school and it totally made me cry. This time, however, it was a GOOD cry (although also a borderline “ugly cry” too). All because my youngest son has incredible teachers, and he has some amazing, supportive classmates. But let me rewind…...more

Surviving the Initial Autism Diagnosis

Surviving the Initial Autism Diagnosis (an open letter to new parents) ...more

Birds Of A Feather Know What The Flock We're Talking About

I walked into the big meeting room for breakfast, just looking for an open seat to set my why-is-this-so-heavy bag down before I grabbed a bagel. I noticed the placards on the tables right away....more

I Know This Boy

We have a new intern at work. His manager stopped by to introduce him, and he seemed like your textbook nerdy guy. He was a bit over-dressed, very awkward, and very nervous. He shook my hand and the first little frission of awareness went up my spine. Don't most people look you in the eye when they shake your hand? He looked at his hand, instead. He greeted my coworker and I exactly the same way, almost as though he were reading from a script. A scripted response. ...more

To the Lady in the Food Court: Thank God You're Not Her Mother

I heard you loud and clear. I heard you above the screaming of my child (she was quite loud) in the noisy food court. If you happen across this blog, you know who you are. You are the person who said to her friend "If that were my daughter..." You might remember me because I actually stopped for a second at your table looked you in the eye and proudly stated, "That is my daughter and she is autistic."...more
InfinityGirl Infinity GIRL, the other woman had no right to comment publicly on Amy's parenting ...more

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:On Ryan's Lighter Side

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: On Ryan's Lighter Side...This is a post copy form my blogspot site, and is used to introduce myself and Ryan to BlogHer. Hello and peace be with you all. :) ...more
@bornbeth I look forward to seeing more of you :)more

Early Intervention and Best Practices for Autism Awareness

I want to tell you a secret about Autism Awareness Month. I'm telling you because you have a stake in the autism community -- whether you touch one or many lives, you can change them, you are powerful. And, like me, you care. You want to make a difference -- for yourself, for your child, for someone you love, for someone who depends on you. And you can make a difference, you will, if you keep this cornerstone of Autism Awareness in mind at all times. Ready? Here it is: Behavior is communication. That's it. That's all. That's everything. ...more

"It can help describe your child, but it doesn't define your child." This spoke to me. I don't ...more

He might be Autistic....?

A few years ago, Hubby and I noticed that our middle son had some ongoing issues.  At first, it was humorous to find him wandering through the house, shutting some doors, keeping others open; some light switches left on, while others were turned off.  He eventually grew out of that phase and Hubby and I moved on.  Then, when he started preschool in preparation for kindergarten, we started noticing some social issues.  These issues didn't necessarily go away and Hubby and I began to worry....more

Our Lips Are Sealed

I’m a pretty private person. I know that seems weird to say, considering I write this blog now, but in the non-virtual world I’m pretty good at keeping things about me to myself, only sharing with close family and a few select friends....more

A Mocking Compassion

This post originally was posted on my blog here on March 30, 2010 ...more