...and then they told us our son is autistic.

After six months of waiting, the day arrived for our son PJ's evaluation with the Early Childhood Development Team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The appointment was for 9am, which meant we had to get up, fed, dressed and over the bridge into Philly during the morning rush hour. When he had his evaluation for Early Intervention, I cleaned like a psychopath. In the same manner in which I prepared for his Early Intervention eval, I cleaned. But in this case, it was us, not the apartment!...more

Playing With Puzzles

 @Isabel_Anders  We are certainly working on it...thank you so much for reading!more

Getting a "Grip"

Well, Rachel's meeting is in 2 days -- Monday morning.  This is the first meeting I'm attending since each of the twins were officially placed in their respective programs last December.  For Rachel's meeting 10.5 months ago, I was terrified, but prepared.  We knew where she was, what she needed and everything went pretty much exactly as predicted.  And from that point forward, things have gone so well for her.  But has it gone too well? ...more

The Keeper: A Tale of Late-Childhood Asperger's Diagnosis

"I ... uh ...," I groped for words. "I guess I am a little offended?" It came out as a question. I tried again. "You just spent less than an hour with him. His testing last year didn't say anything about that. He's extremely verbal. He's extremely social. He's never had an issue with eye contact. He has tons of friends and plays well with others. He's incredibly compassionate, always the first one to run over and ask if you're hurt or get upset if someone else is upset." The doctor was still just looking at me, waiting for me to run out of steam. "He's very social," I repeated. "Aren't people with autism ... you know ... not?" ...more
Thank you for such a wonderful article.  I can empathize with you as a mother of strange, quirky ...more

The Proposed DSM-V Changes: Is it a Step in the Right Direction?

This was written by myself and Amy Caraballo for the Autism Women's Network. It is available on the AWN site here . The Proposed DSM-V Changes: Is it a Step in the Right Direction?  ...more

Scan Helps Detect Autism Earlier