You Might Be a Special Mom If...

This is the special moms version of " might be a redneck."  They were written by a group of strong, intelligent, courageous, loving, special needs mamas.  One of their most important qualities is that they have a sense of humor...something that is a requirement for sanity for the special needs parent. ...more

Therapy for Mom...Getting Away from 'Hello, My Name is Brandon's Mom'

I've had therapist after therapist in my home.  I drive Brandon to therapy, and drive him to preschool. Many of my conversations include the words IEP, IDEA, OT, ST, LRE, presumptive placement, supplemental aids and services, ABA, and meltdown.  This is life as an autism mom....more

It's Hard to Imagine My Son Without Autism

What exactly is autism anyway?  He doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with him.  Should we get a second opinion?  What if he’s just going through a phase?  I’m sure he’ll catch up to the other kids soon.  Some kids just talk late.  He’s just quirky.  I have thought and said all of these things. ...more

Lessons from My Son with Autism

Brandon has taught me so much in just three years. He has taught me what is means to love unconditionally.  He has given me a glimpse into the love our Heavenly Father feels for us.  He’s shown me what it means to love someone so much it hurts; what if feels like when your heart is so full that it feels like it could actually burst.  There is nothing this child could do that would make me love him any less....more

Backward Days

Jacob has put his underwear on backwards again this morning. It doesn’t happen often anymore, but still, occasionally I will come into the living room prompted by Jake’s “I’m dressed Mommy!” shout-out, to find them on the wrong way. Then, like this morning, I have to tell him “No, Jake, they’re backwards, let’s get that fixed” and not just the usual “That’s a good start, Jake, how about the shirt and pants, too?” ...more

Who said there was no rest for the wicked?

Today is respite day.I've got to time the preparation just so. Once 12 sees her overnight bag she knows what is going to happen. It's all about preparation.Know where the clothes are I want her to wear to go and the ones I want for her for tomorrow and the change of clothes for the inevitable spill. Make sure there is at least one set of pyjamas that is actually a set, not just a top from one and bottoms from another. Know where all the paired socks are?...more

Austism is Our Fourth Child... Isn't It?