11 Ways to Make Your Autistic Child's Life Easier

Loving that autistic child of yours with all your heart is a wonderful, precious experience. If you’re not autistic yourself, though, even the purest love won't help you understand how being autistic affects your child’s body, their senses, and how they interact with the world. ...more
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How to Talk With (and About) Autistic Human Beings

I’m currently in physical therapy to rehabilitate a surgically-repaired knee. The kind, competent therapists tend to make small talk, which invariably means fielding tentative, well-meaning questions about my autistic son. Which gives me the opportunity to model the way I'd like people talk and think about people like my Leo. ...more
Another one to add: Don't assume person-first language is the preferred language, and DON'T ...more

Imperfectly Perfect

My daughter is Autistic.  Four little words that can hurt my heart in a way nothing else can. Words that I never can get use to.  Four little words that killed my dreams for my child, at least that’s what I use to think....more

Imperfectly Perfect

My daughter is Autistic.  Four little words that can hurt my heart in a way nothing else can. Words that I never can get use to.  Four little words that killed my dreams for my child, at least that’s what I use to think....more

How do we let go?

As summer is coming to an end, I have finally realized that our youngest little treasure is growing up.  It seemed so much easier when the other kids moved onto Jr/Sr High, but, it is so hard to let BJ go and I wonder how other parents of special needs children do it.  I know that without letting him out into the world on his own, he will never learn to be able to be on his own and I also know that we won't be around forever....more

Great ipad/smart phone apps for kids with autism and Asperger's

I can't personally vouch for how great these apps are, but since some of the sources are moms with autistic children, I'm guessing their reviews are accurate. Here are some lists worth checking out to beef up your smartphone or iPad:1. First, check out this list of interviews, speaking engagements, guest posts and articles about iPads and autism:http://www.squidalicious.com/p/on-ipads.html 2. Here's a spreadsheet of apps for autism, including the function, prices, link and review:...more

"The Autism Advantage" theory

I had never heard this perspective on autism, but I must say it's fascinating.The general idea is that autism was beneficial for our caveman ancestors because the symptoms of the disorder (like increased memory and concentration, as well as spatial intelligence) would have been advantageous in a society where there was very little social contact. (Cavemen were spread out.) Social skills wouldn't have been as necessary (to survive - or be liked!) but skills associated with today's autism would have been.Here's where I read about this idea:http://tinyurl.com/3jaurot...more

Early Intervention and Best Practices for Autism Awareness

I want to tell you a secret about Autism Awareness Month. I'm telling you because you have a stake in the autism community -- whether you touch one or many lives, you can change them, you are powerful. And, like me, you care. You want to make a difference -- for yourself, for your child, for someone you love, for someone who depends on you. And you can make a difference, you will, if you keep this cornerstone of Autism Awareness in mind at all times. Ready? Here it is: Behavior is communication. That's it. That's all. That's everything. ...more

"It can help describe your child, but it doesn't define your child." This spoke to me. I don't ...more

5 things that might cause autism

Depending who you ask, vaccines as a cause of autism is off the table. With that aside for debate, here are 5 other things that scientists are still investigating as a cause: 1. Genetics. Kids with autism have a 1 in 20 changes of having a younger sibling with autism. And with twins, there's a 90% chance that a twin will have autism if the other twin has it. But these genes might not necessarily be hereditary. Sometimes it's just a mutated gene. Kids with a mutation on chromosome 17 have 14X the chance of developing autism....more

ADHD? Autism? Tantrums? There's an app for that!

If you child has ADHD, autism or even just plain tantrums, you've now got help on your iPhone. Yep, if you need to transform into your own supernanny, there's an app for that.Billing itself as a tool to teach parents and caregivers when to intervene, "Behavior Breakthroughs(tm)" uses game-based technology to train parents and caregivers to deal with disruptive behavior. There's only Level 1 right now, but apparently more extensive programs are scheduled to be released later this year....more

I just read your blog, and I am excited to share a new organization that I just started, ...more