Life After Diagnosis: How Will My Son Fit Into the World?

This time last week, I still felt a little jubilant -- maybe even a bit victorious. My son had just been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. As the psychologist spoke, I saw how all of the behavioral issues we'd faced made sense. It made me feel hopeful: Now that there was a name to all of this, I could do some reading. I could research. I could figure out how best to relate to my son and help him succeed in school, life, and everything. ...more
WandaLeeI've been thinking about how people tend to define things, or want to define things. We ...more

To the Warrior Mothers of Autistic Children: I Get It Now.

I really lost her once. She popped around the end cap of the aisle while I was looking at clothes for her baby brother who was sitting happily in the tandem stroller. Every time I lose sight of her in a store, I start counting the grains of sand on a mental timer. If she doesn't pop back into view by the time the sand runs out, I must go find her. First, I say, "Honey, come here please." In a sing-song voice. Then, "Honey? Where are you? Can you come here please?" If I hear no answer (in the form of a giggle) I start looking. Usually, within a minute or two I find her....more

Putting All the Pieces Together: Ways You Can Support Autism Awareness, Plus a Supplementary Estate Planning Document

The other night when Dear Husband emerged from the Darling Boys' bedroom after the infinitely long process we like to call "bedtime," he looked at the living room and said to me, "It wasn't this messy when I went in." A...more

Mid-Life Mom with Autistic Child...carves out a New Future  ...more

Who is Watching Over Our Autistic Children?

I like to end my weeks on a positive note for my readers, but that's not going to happen today. I just read an article about Isabel Loeffler, an eight-year-old autistic girl who spent three hours isolated in a glorified closet, a "time out" room, at school. Read the full story here. There's also this story about Jose Gabriel, a three-year-old autistic boy who was left alone on a school bus for more than six hours. ...more


My Autistic Son: Happy When He's Flappy

In a conversation the other day, my best friend mentioned that her 4-year-old son gives directions to his school when his grandparents take him. "He can give directions?" I asked, amazed. Of course he can, I thought to myself. He's four! ...more

You'll be sharing jokes and fun with him. He's got his own personality and he's going to grow up ...more