Hated the Commercial, Loved The Car: 2014 Cadillac ELR Plug-In Electric Hybrid Review

You remember the car commercial that aired during the Winter Olympics and the Oscars? The one with (Neal McDonough extolling the virtues of workaholic Americans accepting luxury cars as our reward in place of vacations like those lazy French bastards? You might have passionately argued for or against this commercial's message, but I bet you don't remember the actual car being advertised. And that's a shame, because the Cadillac ELR is a terrific car that, despite being a super-niche offering, more people should know about....more

A Behind the Scenes Look at an Auto Show

So, many of you know that I travel and some of you even know why. But I've never really shared a real look at what I do and why. I just returned home from New York working as a spokesmodel for Mitsubishi Motors at the New York International Auto Show, and when I travel for shows… that is precisely what I'm doing. Below is a little video I put together to give a glimpse at what part of our day at the show looks like....more

FIAT breaks glass - in more ways than one

The American arrival of the cutsie FIAT Cinquecento this week (NOT to be called the five hundred, per favore!) made headlines the world over – and of course, in Italy it was quite a big deal here in Bell’Italia.  The ultimate in 'Bella Figura.'  It was as if overnight, those ships they once cracked a bottle of Champagne over were transformed into mini-cars launched with a bottle of Prosecco.  This time, however, the Italians disembarked with their heads held high.  No more Fix it again, Tony – or at least, we’re all touching...more

A Giveaway!!

If you know me, You know I am all about emergency preparedness. We have stockpiles and kits everywhere. I recently became an affiliate for The Ready Store.  At The Ready Store our goal is to offer the finest emergency preparedness and survival supplies available anywhere. Our purchasing power allows us to provide great products at the best prices....more

Her e-mail stopped coming

Gail was my client and my friend for over 15 years. We met when I was a new salesperson at a newspaper; she bought ads to promote the NY Auto Show at The Jacob Javits Center. She took the time to teach me about the local automotive industry, how to ask great questions and create presentations that met their basic interest: selling cars. ...more

Vanessa Cognard

So I am a total optimist, a glass half-full, rose-colored glasses, ...more

Buying My Next Car: The Mommymobile

Imagine what would happen if a Maserati and an Aston Martin had babies...  babies that were electric! They'd probably look something like this: Images from Tesla Motors. ...more

Parent's Bailout

Am I the only one out there feeling left out? Seriously. First the housing cooperation, then the auto cooperation and what is next: all of the credit cooperation in general? What about the parent cooperation, when is our turn, that is the question burning on my mind. Is it me or is the cost of everything going up from diapers to toys? We so wanted to be those responsible parents that bought our kid organic, healthy food but that stuff is so expensive we gave that up first. Did you see CBS news tonight? ...more

Yeah right? You think they could, oh I don't know, spare a few hundred K out of the millions ...more

Carma, Carma, Carma

is a biatch!!! I have no idea why I deserved to be punished yesterday. I don't believe I have blown off enough men to warrant the amount of karma that came after me in form of epic car problemos. I went to the Mean-Eyed Cat for a little R&R and to meet up with a handsome new thing. I parked the car, left the top down, rolled the windows up, and pulled the key out of the ignition. UH!! That looks like only half a key!! ...more

With Gas At $4-Plus, Some Catch The Bus And Others Miss The Point Entirely

With pump prices acting as strong a deterrent, Americans are putting the breaks on their driving habits. ...more

Think: Norwegian Car Company Announces Plans For Affordable E.V. In U.S.

Think: Norwegian Car Company Announces Plans For Affordable E.V. In U.S. ...more