New Startups at Mass Innovation Night's October Launch Party

Wednesday night was Mass Innovation Night’s monthly launch party where startups showcase new ideas and innovative products.  The Cummings Properties 128 TradeCenter hosted a variety of companies from children’s foot orthotics to video messaging apps.  Below are some of the interesting products featured at the event:...more

Twitter Tools, Pt. 2

Last week I began answering some popular Twitter questions and I'll continue this week: What are hashtags? How do I track them? Can I search Twitter as a whole? Is there a way to set up tweets to post later? Or auto-post links from my blog? Can I receive alerts about tweets that involve me or my product? Can I submit questions to those outside my community? Can I set up a poll? You know what? There's an application that will answer each of these questions (and even many I didn't list). ...more

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