Beaten from within...

When I first learned I had Rheumatoid Arthritis I was like OK now that we know what it is, lets treat it so I can get back to living. How little I knew then! I have NEVER gone into remission, when it took hold, it grabbed hard and did not let go. I was always a tomboy, wanted to be outside, wanted adventures and to play softball. Ironically, it was a fall in softball that first made me realize something was wrong, I simply did not recover from that fall and after a year of misdiagnosis I finally got the verdict....more

Living with RA: An Autoimmine Disease Story

I was reading a post by someone I met when I first joined twitter and she wrote about a woman whom she saw who had lupus (you can find that post here) and although I don't have lupus, her post touched me.  I do suffer from an autoimmune disorder and while it is nowhere as bad as lupus, it still takes a toll on my daily life....more

Two Weeks of Sorta Kinda Paleo

June, 2013...more

My Seventeen Year Stomach Ache and The Search For Answers


Unexpected recovery

 Well, in my last post I talked about getting scoped to check for fistulas, fissures etc... Tuesday morning came and I was STARVING after being on fluids all day Monday....more

About me (Newlywed, Chaos, Balance)

I’m computer shy, flirting with the idea of blogging my new experiences as a young wife who has no idea where to start. We’re the proud parents of two awesome Russian Blues. My husband is an extraordinary adrenaline-junky, grease monkey with ADHD that we both embrace.  I’m 27 and have done a complete 180 in health since our wedding day....more


At one of my last endocrinologist visits, the doctor suggested I have my Vitamin D levels tested, stating that Vitamin D deficiency is nearly universal these days. What!? This is not Seattle and I don’t just live in the Sunshine State.  I play tennis, golf, run, walk the dogs, and swim, all in our super-strenght UV rays.  I couldn’t possibly be deficient in the so-called “sunshine vitamin”.  Wrong!...more