Healing From Autoimmune Disease

Why is Lupus so difficult to diagnose?

 Lupus is a chronic and complex disease that can throw up many different and often bizarre symptoms – symptoms that can vary greatly from person to person and often randomly come and go over weeks and months....more

What is Lupus?

 Lupus is a incurable autoimmune disease that affects many parts of the body. It is a complex condition that is poorly understood and often left undiagnosed for many years....more

The Idea of Beautiful: A Brown Girl's Struggle with Beauty and Health

My favorite emcee, Rapsody, stated the perfect quote on her idea of beauty and struggle with her self-image due to being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease....more

Why I Refuse to Lose

...Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon' be alright...Wouldn't you knowWe been hurt, been down beforeWhen our pride at the world like, Lookin' at the world like, "Where do we go?" -Kendrick Lamar, Alright ...more

Beaten from within...

When I first learned I had Rheumatoid Arthritis I was like OK now that we know what it is, lets treat it so I can get back to living. How little I knew then! I have NEVER gone into remission, when it took hold, it grabbed hard and did not let go. I was always a tomboy, wanted to be outside, wanted adventures and to play softball. Ironically, it was a fall in softball that first made me realize something was wrong, I simply did not recover from that fall and after a year of misdiagnosis I finally got the verdict....more

Living with RA: An Autoimmine Disease Story

I was reading a post by someone I met when I first joined twitter and she wrote about a woman whom she saw who had lupus (you can find that post here) and although I don't have lupus, her post touched me.  I do suffer from an autoimmune disorder and while it is nowhere as bad as lupus, it still takes a toll on my daily life....more

Two Weeks of Sorta Kinda Paleo

June, 2013...more

My Seventeen Year Stomach Ache and The Search For Answers