Preparing Teens to Take the Driver's Wheel

In August my son will be 16 and the proud new owner of a driver’s permit. Turning my son loose onto the busy streets is a harrowing thought. Do I trust him? Yes. Do I see him clearly as a teenage boy who will revel in this new found freedom and stretch the rules more than he should? Yes. Do we speak to him ad nauseum about driver safety and the responsibility of driving? Yes. Is it enough? Never....more

Our driving instructor signed off on our stuff without any of us finishing our hours. During our ...more

Selfish, Selfish me.... So, So Sorry

Dear Idiot Driver,  Like you, I had somewhere to go to this morning. Unlike you, I was hoping to reach my destination alive and well, and without causing bodily harm to any innocent person, who too was trying to get to where they needed to be. Shocking, I know.  I am very well aware that in most areas of this state you are able to make a right turn on red. However, you are required to stop first. Not only is this the law, it also prevents you from getting hit by the person who is driving straight on the road. I know… it is a crazy concept to grasp....more

My Kid Has to Sit in a Car Seat for How Long?

One of my co-workers was looking into convertible car seats the other day. She asked me my opinion about car seats, and boy, was she in for it. My daughter, who's now a svelte five-year-old, was such a large baby that she grew out of her carrying-case car seat (you know, the infant kind you lug around, giving yourself permanent back pain?) when she was four months old. You heard me right. ...more
Great post! I believe many parents like me encounter such cases. Thanks for sharing your ...more