Reaching out to women gearheads!

Today in my search for blogging advice I stumbled across this site. It took me very little time to determine that this is a vast and dynamic community of women with all sorts of interests. My question is this: do many of you have an interest in the automotive world? To be clear, I am a man. While this is obviously a female-based community, I did not see any restrictions for men, so unless I'm asked to leave, I'd like to pick your brains! ...more

Road Trip to Minnesota: Day One - Utah

Anyone who has ever moved as an adult hates packing.  Even though I purged and purged, I was still forced to leave crap behind in California.  The essentials, sadly not including wine, were all that would fit into my Beetle.In a frenzy, I had to decide what was needed (clothes for job interviews) and what could wait, (wine, fancy shoes, and some toiletries).  Half way through Nevada, I realized that I should have stashed at least one or two bottles of wine in some nook and/or cranny....more

The All-Electric Road Trip: Is It Possible?

In the course of a year, we find ourselves buzzing down the stretch of highway that leads from Seattle to central Oregon maybe a dozen times, give or take a trip or two. With the assistance of things like Yelp and Urban Spoon, we've learned where to get the best sandwich, where you can get a huge slab of cake with your coffee and where to ask for Korean food instead of reading the menu that the diner waitresses give you. We make this trip in our fairly fuel-efficient car, a Pontiac Vibe that we bought a few years ago. ...more

10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Car

One of the things I traditionally do at the start of a new year is clean out the inside of my car. It's just as glamorous as it sounds, particularly because I gave birth to a couple of trash factories a few years back. Sometimes the things I find on this annual excursion are best left undisclosed. ...more

I know it seems very simplistic, but really this has become a 'must have' in my vehicle. I ...more

Protect Your Car From Winter Freeze Ups

Stepping outside on a cold winter morning is never fun. And even worse is when you are stuck in a car that won’t start because it’s a cold winter morning. Well, two things can ensure your car is ready to go when you are. Learn the correct way to start a reluctant engine and how to protect against winter freeze-ups. ...more

Giving Used Cars to Charity

In the US it's possible to donate a car, ( ) boat or any other vehicle to certain charities, and in return be able to claim a nice tax deduction on your personal income tax return. If your car donation is accepted, the charity takes care of the towing expenses and provides you with the necessary documents you'll need to complete your return. ...more

SEMA Show 2008 Highlights from

Last week, I spent time at the SEMA Show. Founded in 1963, the Specialty Equipment Market Association is a lobbying group and professional organization made-up of some 7,000 companies worldwide, which manufacture performance and appearance products for a near-$40 billion automotive aftermarket: consumers wanting to personalize their cars and trucks. ...more

Google Automotive Thought Leader Bonita Stewart and Her Predictions for 2008

Meet Bonita Stewart who is the director of the automotive vertical at Google. Stewart is responsible for leading a national team that develops and manages Google's relationships with automotive marketers. Stewart is part of the vertical markets group at Google which are senior industry specialists who help marketers in specific industries address their unique objectives and challenges. ...more

Tata Motors Unveils Nano Car for India